Drain Cleaning Services Plainfield, Indiana

A plumber using a drain snake to unclog a blockage from a bathroom sink that requires professional drain cleaning services in Plainfield, IN. For drain cleaning services, contact your local plumber.

Quality Drain Cleaning & Water Line Repair Services in Plainfield, IN

Whether you own a home or your own business in the Plainfield, IN area, you will always depend on your plumbing functioning properly, so when you notice any potential problems, you can put your trust in our experts at Bassett Services. We proudly provide top-quality drain cleaning and water line repair services, as well as camera inspections, hydro jetting, and rooter services to properly clear out your pipes. Our friendly and professional drain technicians are available for 24/7 emergency service and keep their trucks fully stocked to provide same-day service to address your issues immediately. Whether it’s a simple fix like clearing out a minor drain clog or a bigger job such as replacing a water line, we’re always up to the task.

Drain Cleaning Plainfield, IN

There are several signs to look for to determine if your home is in need of professional drain cleaning services. Ask yourself the following questions: does your home have multiple backed-up drains or drains that are functioning slower than usual? Has sewage started flowing back through your drains? Do you smell any bad odors coming from your drain? If you have noticed any of these issues, it’s time to call our t Bassett Services professionals at (317) 659-8565 to come to your Plainfield, IN home and perform an inspection. No matter the problem, our drain cleaning technicians will determine what needs to be addressed before any work is done, so you will know exactly what solution is best for your home’s drain.

Water Line Repair Plainfield, IN

With your water line, it’s best to address the most common warning signs when you first notice them in order to repair the issue quickly and avoid a costly replacement. If your water is murky or discolored or you notice soggy spots on your lawn, you might have a problem with your water line. A decrease in water pressure and an increase in your water bill could also be indicative of a potential issue. Either way, you should seek professional help before the problem worsens. Luckily, our expert team of plumbers at Bassett Services is here to help with your water line repair. We’ll resolve the issue and restore your water line to functioning like new again.

A clogged water line on a residential property in Plainfield, IN that has been excavated and repaired by professional plumbers. For water line repair and drain cleaning, contact your local plumbers.

Hydro-Jetting Services Plainfield, IN

One of the types of services we provide is called hydro jetting, which involves using water pressure with a spinning top to clean your drain by breaking up any debris that is in your pipes. Hydro jetting is a safe and effective process and will not cause any damage to your plumbing. Whatever is clogging your drain, our experts at Bassett Services can handle its removal and restore the quality and function of your pipes. With our highly skilled plumbers and fair, upfront pricing, you can trust our local team to treat your Plainfield, IN home with the same quality care as our own. Consult with our experts today and we’ll determine how to successfully treat your pipes with our effective hydro jetting services.

Camera Drain Inspection Plainfield, IN

If you’re unsure about what is causing your clogged pipes, our trained plumbers recommend performing a camera drain inspection. Your water main or sewer line could have any number of problems that could potentially contribute to a blocked drain. To avoid the unnecessary hassle of guessing what the issue could be, we suggest using the camera to determine the exact cause and therefore the exact way to treat it. A camera drain inspection can detect many different problems, from broken, cracked, or collapsed pipes to major blockage of grease, sediment, or paper. You could also have sagging pipes or a tree root infiltration. It’s always best to know exactly what we’re dealing with so we can implement the proper solution.

An experienced plumber holding a camera drain inspection device to identify the clog or blockage in a toilet that is preventing it from flushing properly. For camera drain cleaning services in Plainfield, IN, call your local plumber.

The Benefits of a Drain Cleaning Service in Plainfield, IN

Consulting with professionals early and often is the best way to ensure the continued quality and performance of your plumbing. Whenever you notice a potential problem, we recommend you contact us immediately so we can determine the severity of the issue and how to properly address it. Better to be safe now than sorry later, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to our professionals at Bassett Services in Plainfield, IL so we can inform you about all the benefits of our drain cleaning services.



  • Elimination of Clogs, Slow Drains, and Noisy Pipes
  • Reduces Mold and Bacteria Growth
  • Decreases Risk of Overflows and Floods
  • Prevention of Foul Odors
  • Protects Floors and Walls from Damage
  • Improves Health of Your Family
  • Keeps Pipes Healthy/Increases Longevity
  • Saves Money Over Time
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