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Lebanon, IN, is a city rich in history and community spirit. It’s home to the renowned Boone County Courthouse, a historical structure built in 1902, showcasing magnificent architecture and a clock tower that stands as a symbol of the city’s enduring legacy. Lebanon is also known for its vibrant Memorial Park, a green oasis offering residents a space for recreation, relaxation, and community events.

The city takes pride in its local sports, with Lebanon High School’s athletic teams, known as the Tigers, fostering a spirit of competition and unity. The school’s basketball team, in particular, has a storied history and is a source of local pride.

In this city, where historical charm meets modern living, Bassett Services is honored to provide residents with premier HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services. Our commitment to excellence ensures that homes in Lebanon are as comfortable and efficient as they are safe and reliable. Call us at (317) 360-0054 to experience the Bassett difference, where your comfort and peace of mind are our top priority.

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    Heating Services in Lebanon, IN

    Bassett Services ensures your Lebanon home stays warm and cozy, especially during the chilly months. Our expert technicians provide efficient heating installations, repairs, and maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency. Trust us for personalized, swift, and reliable heating solutions.

    Furnace Repair in Lebanon, IN

    Our furnace repair process in Lebanon begins with a meticulous inspection, where every component, from the thermostat to the filters, is examined for optimal performance. Bassett’s skilled technicians identify and address any issues, ensuring your heating system is restored to peak efficiency. The benefits are immediate – reduced energy consumption, lower utility bills, and enhanced indoor air quality. Every repair ensures a consistent, comfortable temperature throughout your home, making every space a haven of warmth and comfort.

    Furnace Maintenance in Lebanon, IN

    Bassett’s maintenance service starts with a thorough check-up of your furnace. Technicians in Lebanon clean filters, inspect thermostats, and assess wear and tear, making necessary adjustments. The benefits of this service are extensive. Early detection of issues minimizes the risk of unexpected breakdowns, ensuring your home stays warm during the chilly months. Regular maintenance boosts energy efficiency, leading to significant savings and extends the furnace’s lifespan, ensuring years of reliable service and a consistently comfortable, warm home environment.

    Furnace Installation in Lebanon, IN

    The installation journey with Bassett in Lebanon initiates with an in-depth assessment to identify the perfect furnace for your home’s specific needs. Our technicians ensure a seamless installation, adhering to the highest standards of safety and operation. The advantages of our tailored installations are multifold. Your new furnace will operate at peak efficiency, ensuring consistent heating and reduced energy bills. The precision in installation also ensures adherence to safety protocols, offering you not just warmth but peace of mind, knowing your home’s heating is reliable and secure.

    Boiler Repair in Lebanon, IN

    The process at Bassett for boiler repair in Lebanon is systematic and thorough. Our experts initiate the service with a detailed inspection to diagnose issues affecting your boiler’s performance. Every component is scrutinized, and necessary repairs are executed with precision. The benefits of this meticulous repair service are significant. It ensures optimal boiler efficiency, leading to reduced energy costs. The indoor environment becomes more comfortable, with the boiler effectively distributing consistent heat. Moreover, timely repairs extend the boiler’s lifespan, ensuring it serves your home efficiently for years to come.

    Boiler Maintenance in Lebanon, IN

    Maintenance of boilers by Bassett in Lebanon is characterized by a comprehensive examination and tuning. Our technicians clean, inspect, and adjust the system to ensure optimal performance. This preventative approach yields numerous benefits. It aids in the early identification of potential issues, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. The efficiency of the boiler is enhanced, leading to energy savings and a reduction in utility bills. Regular maintenance also ensures that your boiler operates safely and efficiently, contributing to a warm and secure home environment.

    Boiler Installation in Lebanon, IN

    Bassett’s boiler installation in Lebanon begins with a personalized assessment to select a boiler that aligns with your home’s heating requirements and structure. Our skilled technicians ensure a flawless installation, meeting all safety and operational protocols. The benefits of choosing Bassett are substantial. A properly installed boiler ensures optimal efficiency, providing consistent heating and contributing to lower energy consumption. Safety is paramount, and our installations adhere to stringent safety standards, offering homeowners peace of mind. With Bassett, you’re not just getting a boiler but an enduring solution to Lebanon’s chilly winters, ensuring your home is a sanctuary of warmth and comfort.

    Heat Pump Repair in Lebanon, IN

    Bassett’s approach to heat pump repair in Lebanon begins with a meticulous diagnostic process. Our technicians assess the system, identifying any inefficiencies or malfunctions. Once issues are pinpointed, repairs are executed with expertise to restore the heat pump to its optimal state. The advantages of our repair service are numerous. It ensures the heat pump operates at its peak efficiency, translating to energy savings and consistent indoor temperatures. Prompt repairs also prevent minor issues from escalating, safeguarding the longevity of the system and ensuring a comfortable environment in your home.

    Heat Pump Maintenance in Lebanon, IN

    Maintenance of heat pumps at Bassett in Lebanon encompasses a thorough check-up and tuning. Our experts clean essential components, inspect the system for wear and tear, and make necessary adjustments. This proactive service offers several benefits. Regular maintenance enhances the efficiency of the heat pump, leading to energy savings and prolonged equipment life. It also aids in early detection of potential problems, reducing the likelihood of sudden breakdowns. With consistent maintenance, homeowners can enjoy a reliable and efficient heat pump, ensuring year-round comfort.

    Heat Pump Installation in Lebanon, IN

    The installation process for heat pumps at Bassett in Lebanon is tailored to individual needs. It starts with an evaluation of your home to determine the most suitable heat pump model and capacity. Our trained technicians then proceed with the installation, ensuring all components are set up correctly and safely. Opting for Bassett’s installation service brings several benefits. A correctly installed heat pump provides efficient heating and cooling, adapting to Lebanon’s seasonal changes. It also ensures safety and reduces the chances of operational issues down the line. With Bassett, you’re investing in a solution that promises comfort and efficiency throughout the year.

    Cooling Services in Lebanon, IN

    Beat the Lebanon heat with Bassett Services. We specialize in installing, repairing, and maintaining air conditioning systems, ensuring your home remains a cool sanctuary. Our certified team delivers quick, efficient, and personalized cooling solutions, prioritizing your comfort during the warmest days.

    AC Repair in Lebanon, IN

    At Bassett Services in Lebanon, the AC repair process is initiated with a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation. Our skilled technicians meticulously inspect the air conditioning system, identifying any operational issues or inefficiencies. Necessary repairs are then conducted with precision, ensuring every component functions optimally. The benefits of our AC repair service are substantial. It ensures your air conditioning system operates with enhanced efficiency, leading to reduced energy consumption and improved cooling performance. Prompt and precise repairs also extend the lifespan of the AC unit, ensuring a cool and comfortable environment in your Lebanon home during the warmer months.

    AC Tune-up in Lebanon, IN

    Our AC tune-up service in Lebanon involves a detailed inspection and optimization process. Technicians from Bassett Services meticulously examine the AC system, cleaning essential parts and making necessary adjustments to ensure optimal performance. This preventative maintenance service offers a host of benefits. It enhances the efficiency of the AC, leading to reduced energy bills and consistent cooling. Regular tune-ups also identify potential issues early, minimizing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Homeowners can rely on a well-tuned AC to provide reliable cooling, ensuring comfort during Lebanon’s warm seasons.

    AC Installation in Lebanon, IN

    The AC installation service at Bassett in Lebanon is characterized by personalized and precise implementation. We begin with an in-depth assessment of your home to select an AC unit that aligns with its specific cooling needs and structure. Our technicians then install the system, adhering to the highest standards of safety and efficiency. The benefits of choosing Bassett for AC installation are manifold. A professionally installed AC ensures optimal cooling efficiency, energy savings, and adherence to safety protocols. Homeowners in Lebanon can enjoy a serene, cool environment, especially during the hot summer months, with the assurance of a system installed to provide long-lasting service.

    Mini-Split Repair in Lebanon, IN

    Our mini-split repair service in Lebanon commences with a thorough inspection to diagnose any issues affecting the system’s performance. Bassett Services’ technicians are adept at identifying and rectifying problems, ensuring the mini-split system operates efficiently. The repair process underscores the importance of precision and quality. Homeowners benefit from enhanced system efficiency, leading to consistent heating and cooling and reduced energy costs. Timely repairs also extend the system’s lifespan and ensure a comfortable indoor climate, making Bassett Services the go-to for reliable mini-split repairs.

    Mini-Split Maintenance in Lebanon, IN

    Bassett Services offers a comprehensive mini-split maintenance service in Lebanon, characterized by a systematic inspection and optimization of the system. Our technicians clean and adjust essential components, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. This preventative approach is instrumental in maintaining the system’s integrity. The benefits are significant – regular maintenance ensures the mini-split system operates at peak efficiency, reducing energy consumption and costs. It also aids in early detection of potential issues, minimizing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and ensuring a comfortable, climate-controlled environment in your home throughout the year.

    Mini-Split Installation in Lebanon, IN

    The process of mini-split installation at Bassett Services in Lebanon is tailored to meet the specific needs of each home. It begins with an evaluation of the space and cooling requirements, followed by the precise installation of the system by our skilled technicians. Every installation adheres to safety and operational standards. The advantages of our installation service are notable. A professionally installed mini-split system ensures optimal cooling and heating efficiency and energy savings. For Lebanon homeowners, this means enjoying a comfortable indoor climate with the assurance of a system designed for durability and peak performance.

    Air Duct Repair in Lebanon, IN

    Bassett Services begins the air duct repair process with a meticulous inspection to identify any damages or leaks in the ductwork. Our skilled technicians then proceed to repair and seal any identified issues, ensuring the system’s integrity and efficiency. Homeowners in Lebanon can expect a host of benefits from this service. Enhanced air quality, improved HVAC efficiency, and reduced energy bills are among the notable advantages. Our air duct repair service ensures a balanced and comfortable indoor environment, making every room in your home a sanctuary of comfort.

    Air Duct Maintenance in Lebanon, IN

    Our air duct maintenance service is a comprehensive approach to keeping your ductwork clean and efficient. Technicians from Bassett Services in Lebanon will clean, inspect, and optimize the air ducts to ensure optimal airflow and system efficiency. This maintenance service is essential for homeowners seeking to enjoy a dust-free, healthy indoor environment. Regular air duct maintenance reduces allergens and pollutants, enhances HVAC efficiency, and lowers energy costs, ensuring that your home’s indoor air is clean and fresh, and the environment is comfortable year-round.

    Air Duct Installation in Lebanon, IN

    The air duct installation process at Bassett Services is characterized by precision and customization. We assess the specific needs of your Lebanon home, designing and installing ductwork that optimizes the performance of your HVAC system. The installation is executed by skilled technicians adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety. The benefits of this service are manifold. Properly installed air ducts ensure efficient air distribution, optimal HVAC performance, and energy efficiency. Homeowners can enjoy a comfortable, balanced indoor climate, with the assurance of a system built for durability and peak performance.

    Air Scrubber Installation in Lebanon, IN

    The process of air scrubber installation by Bassett Services is meticulous and tailored to each home’s specific needs in Lebanon. Our technicians assess your indoor environment and HVAC system to integrate the air scrubber seamlessly, ensuring optimal air purification. The benefits of this installation are immediate and significant. Residents enjoy enhanced air quality, with a significant reduction in airborne contaminants, allergens, and odors. The air scrubber works efficiently to create a healthier, fresher indoor atmosphere, promoting well-being and comfort for every member of the household.

    Dehumidifier Installation in Lebanon, IN

    At Bassett Services, dehumidifier installation begins with an evaluation of your home’s humidity levels to identify the perfect unit that aligns with your needs. Our technicians in Lebanon ensure a seamless installation, optimizing the device for peak performance. The advantages of having a dehumidifier are substantial. It aids in maintaining optimal indoor humidity levels, preventing mold growth, and ensuring a comfortable living environment. Your home becomes a haven where air quality is enhanced, and the structural integrity of your space is preserved from the adverse effects of excessive moisture.

    Humidifier Installation in Lebanon, IN

    The humidifier installation service offered by Bassett Services is characterized by precision and customization. We evaluate the air quality and humidity levels in your Lebanon home to install a system that precisely meets your needs. The benefits of this service are immediately palpable. Enhanced air moisture levels alleviate issues associated with dry air, such as skin irritation and respiratory problems. With a Bassett-installed humidifier, your indoor environment is balanced, promoting health, comfort, and the preservation of wooden furniture and fixtures. Enjoy a home where air quality is optimized for your utmost comfort.

    Plumbing Services in Lebanon, IN

    For reliable plumbing solutions in Lebanon, turn to Bassett Services. We handle everything from leaky faucets to complex installations, ensuring your plumbing system operates seamlessly. Our skilled technicians provide prompt, efficient, and quality services, ensuring water flows uninterrupted in your home.

    Whole-Home Plumbing Inspection in Lebanon, IN

    Bassett Services begins the whole-home plumbing inspection with a systematic examination of all plumbing systems and fixtures in your Lebanon home. Our experts ensure that every pipe, faucet, and drain is thoroughly checked for optimal performance and safety. The benefits of this comprehensive service are extensive. Homeowners gain insights into the current state of their plumbing, enabling early detection and repair of potential issues. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of costly future repairs, ensures efficient water flow, and enhances the overall safety and integrity of the home’s plumbing system.

    Piping & Repiping in Lebanon, IN

    Our piping and repiping service is a detailed process where Bassett Services’ technicians assess and replace or repair the existing pipes in your Lebanon home to ensure they are up to standard. The process is marked by precision, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life. The advantages of this service are manifold. It ensures that your home’s plumbing system is efficient, safe, and durable. With new or refurbished pipes, issues such as leaks, water pressure problems, and water quality concerns are effectively addressed, ensuring a seamless and efficient water supply.

    Bathroom & Kitchen Plumbing Fixtures in Lebanon, IN

    Bassett Services excels in the installation, repair, and maintenance of bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures. We begin by assessing your current fixtures and plumbing system, then proceed to install or repair, ensuring optimal functionality and aesthetics. Homeowners in Lebanon benefit from enhanced efficiency and convenience, with fixtures that not only elevate the visual appeal of spaces but also offer improved functionality. Water efficiency is optimized, reducing utility costs, and the updated fixtures contribute to increasing the overall value and comfort of your home, making every water-related task a breeze.

    Water Heater Services in Lebanon, IN

    Bassett Services starts the water heater service with a meticulous inspection of your unit, diagnosing any issues and performing necessary repairs or maintenance. We ensure that every component, from the thermostat to the heating element, is in optimal condition. The benefits of this service are significant. Residents of Lebanon enjoy a consistent supply of hot water, enhanced safety, and improved energy efficiency. Timely maintenance and repairs extend the lifespan of the water heater, reducing the need for premature replacements and ensuring that you always have hot water when you need it.

    Tankless Water Heater Services in Lebanon, IN

    Our tankless water heater service begins with a comprehensive check of your system, ensuring it’s operating at peak efficiency. Bassett Services’ technicians are adept at identifying and resolving issues specific to tankless units. The advantages of this service include instant access to hot water, reduced energy consumption, and space-saving benefits. For Lebanon homeowners, this means enjoying the luxury of on-demand hot water, lower utility bills, and reclaiming space typically occupied by traditional water heaters, all while ensuring the system’s longevity and optimal performance.

    Water Filtration Services in Lebanon, IN

    The process of our water filtration service involves evaluating your home’s water quality and installing a tailored filtration system to remove impurities and enhance taste. Bassett Services ensures that Lebanon residents have access to clean, safe, and great-tasting water directly from their taps. The benefits are extensive – reduced reliance on bottled water, protection against contaminants, and improved overall health. The service also extends the lifespan of plumbing fixtures and appliances by preventing the buildup of minerals and other impurities, ensuring that your home’s water is as clean and pure as nature intended.

    Sump Pump Services in Lebanon, IN

    Our sump pump service begins with a detailed inspection to assess the current state of your system. Bassett Services’ technicians ensure that all components are functioning correctly and make necessary repairs or replacements. Lebanon homeowners benefit from a dry, flood-free basement, even during heavy rains. This service enhances the structural integrity of your home, prevents mold growth, and safeguards your valuables from water damage. With our expert sump pump services, rest easy knowing your home is protected from the adverse effects of water intrusion.

    Gas Line Services in Lebanon, IN

    Gas line services at Bassett involve a thorough inspection and maintenance routine to ensure the safety and efficiency of your gas supply. We repair any leaks or damages and ensure the entire system adheres to safety regulations. For Lebanon residents, this means enhanced safety from gas leaks and efficient operation of gas appliances. Our service ensures that your home’s gas supply is reliable, safe, and efficient, giving you peace of mind and optimal performance from all your gas-powered appliances.

    Water Line Services in Lebanon, IN

    We initiate water line services with a comprehensive evaluation, identifying any issues like leaks or blockages and proceeding with the necessary repairs or replacements. The benefits to Lebanon homeowners are manifold. You’ll experience improved water pressure, reduced risk of water damage, and enhanced water quality. Bassett Services ensures that your home’s water supply is uninterrupted, clean, and safe, enhancing the overall functionality of your plumbing system and the comfort of your living environment.

    Electrical Services in Lebanon, IN

    Bassett Services lights up Lebanon with top-tier electrical services. Our certified electricians are adept at installations, repairs, and maintenance, ensuring your home’s electrical systems are safe and efficient. Trust us for swift, reliable, and quality electrical solutions, illuminating your living spaces with safety and precision.

    Electrical Repairs in Lebanon, IN

    Our process for electrical repairs starts with a comprehensive diagnosis to pinpoint any electrical issues within your home. Bassett Services’ skilled technicians then proceed to make the necessary repairs, ensuring all work adheres to the highest safety standards. For Lebanon homeowners, this means a safer living environment, reduced risk of electrical fires, and optimal operation of all electrical systems. Our electrical repairs enhance the efficiency and safety of your home’s electrical network, ensuring a reliable power supply for all your appliances and systems.

    Lighting Services in Lebanon, IN

    Lighting services at Bassett begin with an assessment of your current lighting system, followed by the implementation of upgrades or repairs as needed. Residents of Lebanon can look forward to an enhanced aesthetic appeal of their homes, improved energy efficiency, and customized lighting solutions that cater to their specific needs. Our lighting services not only illuminate your spaces but also create the desired ambiance, combining functionality and style while ensuring energy efficiency and safety.

    Switch & Outlet Services in Lebanon, IN

    We commence switch and outlet services with an inspection to identify any malfunctioning or outdated components. Repairs, replacements, or upgrades are then executed to ensure optimal performance. Lebanon homeowners benefit from enhanced safety, preventing electrical shocks or fires, and improved functionality of all electrical appliances and systems. With Bassett’s meticulous attention to detail, your home’s switches and outlets will be a blend of safety, convenience, and modernity, ensuring every room is powered efficiently and safely.

    Ceiling Fan Services in Lebanon, IN

    Our ceiling fan services initiate an evaluation of your existing fans and their installation sites. We focus on optimal placement, efficient operation, and aesthetic integration. For Lebanon residents, this translates to enhanced air circulation, reduced energy costs, and a boost in the room’s aesthetic appeal. Our expert technicians ensure that each fan is installed or repaired to perfection, offering a blend of comfort, efficiency, and style to keep your home pleasant throughout the year.

    Home Surge Protection Services in Lebanon, IN

    The journey to comprehensive home surge protection begins with an assessment of your home’s electrical system. We install state-of-the-art surge protectors to shield your appliances and electronics from damage caused by unexpected power surges. For the community in Lebanon, this means increased safety, prolonged appliance lifespan, and peace of mind knowing that your valuable electronics are protected. Trust Bassett Services to fortify your home against electrical surges, ensuring consistent performance and safety.

    Smoke & CO Detector Services in Lebanon, IN

    Our service for smoke and CO detectors starts with a thorough inspection and testing of your existing units. We then proceed to repair or replace detectors to ensure optimal performance. Residents of Lebanon can expect enhanced safety measures, timely alerts in case of fire or CO presence, and compliance with safety regulations. Bassett ensures that your home is equipped with fully functional detectors, instilling confidence and security for every member of your household.

    Home Generator Installation in Lebanon, IN

    We begin the installation process with an assessment of your home’s energy needs to select the perfect generator that aligns with your requirements. For the residents of Lebanon, this means uninterrupted power supply, even during outages. Our expert installation ensures your home remains functional, safe, and comfortable, no matter the weather conditions. Trust Bassett Services for a seamless integration of reliable generators, offering you peace of mind and convenience.

    Home Generator Repair in Lebanon, IN

    Our repair services commence with a meticulous inspection to diagnose any issues with your home generator. Living in Lebanon, where power stability is crucial, this service ensures your generator is always ready to kick in during power outages. We focus on efficiency, reliability, and safety, ensuring your generator operates at peak performance. With Bassett, expect prompt and effective repairs, guaranteeing your home’s energy backup system is always on standby.

    Car Charger Installation in Lebanon, IN

    The process of car charger installation starts with evaluating your home’s electrical system and identifying the optimal location for installation. For eco-conscious residents of Lebanon, this means a convenient and efficient charging solution for your electric vehicles. Our professional installation ensures safety and functionality, promoting green living. Choose Bassett Services for a seamless, safe, and efficient car charger integration, making every drive eco-friendly and every charge convenient.

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