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Male technician adjusting the temperature of a residential water heater in Plainfield, IN.

Exceptional Water Heater Services in Plainfield, IN

Once your water heater starts to get older, it can begin to experience more wear to it and often require more repairs. With proper care, your water heater can last anywhere from ten to fifteen years. Bassett Services offers water heater repairs, installation, and maintenance. Our team is available 24/7 to provide you with emergency services. Each of our skilled plumbers will walk you through the water heater installation or repair process so you feel confident in the work being done. Our specialists can also talk with you about tankless water heaters as well as come to your home in Plainfield, IN and analyze your tankless water heater installation needs. Extend the lifespan of your water heater and lower your repair cost when you contact us today.

Water Heater Maintenance in Plainfield, IN

If you start to experience brown or discolored water coming out of your faucet, then it is time to call Bassett Services. Discolored water could indicate that your water heater is corroding which could be harmful to your health and would lead you to replace your water heater. The best way to prevent this is by calling one of our certified plumbers, who will come to your Plainfield, IN home and flush your water heater to prevent it from rusting, along with provide several other services. Yearly water heater maintenance is an important way to lower repair costs on your unit and prevent you from having to replace your system sooner than you are ready. Reach out to us today for water heater maintenance to save your money and your health.

Water Heater Repair in Plainfield, IN

Loud noises coming from your water heater are not normal and should be investigated. Dirt particles at the bottom of your tank can begin forming a layer of sediment, making it harder for your water to warm up and creating mineral deposits rattling around your system, which can result in unusual noise. Unfortunately, many homeowners in the Plainfield, IN area will ignore these noises, leading them to have to replace their water heater when it inevitably breaks down. Instead of ignoring this sound, call Bassett Services for your water heater repair needs. We have top-rated technicians who will come and analyze your water heater and give you a detailed report of what repairs need to be made. When you have us repair your water heater, then we will waive the diagnostic charge. If you are experiencing any problems with your water heater, reach out to us for a water heater repair before you have to invest in a brand-new system.

A technician’s hands use an adjustable wrench to perform repairs on a residential water heater in Plainfield, IN.

Water Heater Installation in Plainfield, IN

If you have noticed an increase in your water bill, it might be to time to install a new water heater. Sometimes we have to sit and wait for the water to warm up before we get in the shower. Waiting for our water to warm up starts to waste a lot of money on water we are not using. When you call Bassett Services for a water heater installation, our expert technicians will come to your Plainfield, IN home and properly install your new water heater system and make sure it is properly running so you don’t experience fluctuating water temperatures. We understand that brand-new water heaters can be expensive, which is why we have financing options available. Stop wasting money on water you’re not using and contact us for a quote for a water heater installation.

Tankless Water Heaters in Plainfield, IN

Many homeowners in Plainfield, IN have noticed they have been saving money as soon as they made the switch to a tankless water heater. A tankless water heater warms water instantly when you turn on your hot water faucet. This system does not store water in a storage tank, so once you turn your faucet on, cold water flows through the heat exchanger and warms the water instantly. Tankless water heaters tend to have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance than traditional water heaters. Bassett Services has licensed plumbers who are experienced in tankless water heater maintenance, repairs, and installations. Our technicians will come to your home to analyze your home’s needs and present you with a personalized solution for your tankless water heater installation services. Contact us to make the change and save money by having us install a tankless water heater today.

Homeowner’s hand rotates the temperature adjuster of residential water heater in Plainfield, IN.

The Benefits of Maintaining Your Water Heaters in Plainfield, IN

With regular water heater maintenance from Bassett Services, you can avoid the shock of jumping into a cold shower. Without proper maintenance, you could run the risk of your water heater needing constant repairs or breaking down due to issues such as corrosion or sediment buildup in your system. Our trained technicians will come to your Plainfield, IN home and diagnose any problems so we can then provide repair services to your water heater unit. We will provide you with a personalized report and explain all your options before we begin any work. There are many other benefits to annual water heater maintenance. Some of those other benefits include:


  • Keeps Your Home Safe
  • Improves Your System’s Efficiency
  • Detects Problems Early
  • Reduces Repair Expenses
  • Increases the Life of Your Unit
  • Ensures the Manufacturer’s Warranty
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