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When the Queen City’s infamous summer heat and humidity settle in, families need a trustworthy air conditioning partner to maintain a refreshing indoor oasis. For over 40 years, local residents have turned to the proven cooling experts at Bassett Services for total peace of mind.

As a certified Nate company earning an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Bassett upholds the industry’s most stringent standards with every AC installation and tune-up. Highly trained technicians blend technical mastery with a warm, family-focused approach emphasizing customer satisfaction.

The comprehensive Bassett process includes precise load calculations ensuring properly sized cooling systems. Specialized diagnostic methods identify hot spots and inefficiencies for surgical solutions tailored to each home’s unique needs. Homeowners receive guidance in selecting high-efficiency equipment that maximizes energy savings while aligning with budgets and usage demands.

But Bassett’s superior services extend well beyond day-one excellence. Preventative maintenance programs and prompt repair calls keep cooling systems operating reliably year-round without disruptive breakdowns. Cutting-edge diagnostic tools optimize airflow, refrigerant charging, electrical systems, and more for consistent performance.

With convenient payment options and a steadfast commitment to professional, respectful service, it’s no surprise generations of Cincinnati families trust the Bassett name. Experience the refreshing difference our local company provides!

Stay cool and comfortable all summer by calling the area’s air conditioning authorities at Bassett Services today (317) 360-0054.

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    Bassett’s Cooling Services in Cincinnati

    For Cincinnati families demanding uncompromising indoor comfort, the trusted pros at Bassett Services deliver comprehensive climate control solutions. Our extensive cooling services cover every base from innovative installations and prompt repairs to meticulous maintenance visits. 

    Whether central AC, ductless mini-splits, or cutting-edge heat pumps, expect a customer-focused approach tailored to your home’s unique needs.

    AC Installation

    Following industry best practices, Bassett’s certified technicians ensure quality central air conditioning installs perfectly matched to your home’s layout and cooling load requirements. We guide equipment selections balancing performance and budget.

    AC Repair

    Don’t let cooling disruptions turn your sanctuary into a sweatbox. Our prompt repair services rapidly diagnose and resolve AC issues – from electrical faults and refrigerant leaks to component failures. Count on efficient, lasting fixes.

    AC Maintenance

    Preventative tune-ups maximize AC efficiency and longevity. Professional coil cleaning, filter changes, airflow optimization and more keep cool air flowing strong through sweltering summers.

    Ductless Mini-Split Installation

    Enjoy whisper-quiet cooling and precision temperature control with customized ductless installations in any room. Our specialists craft innovative, streamlined ductless solutions for homes lacking ductwork.

    Ductless Mini-Split Repair

    At the first sign of ductless cooling troubles like weak airflow or erratic operation, our techs rapidly diagnose and repair issues before costlier downtime strikes.

    Ductless Mini-Split Maintenance

    Routine ductless tune-ups prevent efficiency losses from dirty filters, fouled coils, and components while verifying proper refrigerant levels and electrical systems. Stay refreshingly comfortable!

    Heat Pump Installation

    These versatile comfort solutions provide heating and cooling from one integrated system. Our team calculates optimal sizing and executes quality installs maximizing year-round performance.

    Heat Pump Repair

    Faulty defrost controls, failed reversing valves, or refrigerant leaks compromising heat pump heating/cooling output? Our skilled techs resolve issues rapidly to restore reliability.

    Heat Pump Maintenance

    Preventative care validates critical operations like refrigerant charging, airflow, supplemental heating sources, and more for heat pumps juggling year-round demands.

    Smart Thermostat Services

    Intelligent smart thermostat controls reduce energy use through custom scheduling, remote access, and home/away settings. We’ll seamlessly upgrade inefficient manual thermostats.

    Dehumidifier/Humidifier Services

    Optimizing indoor humidity enhances AC performance and prevents moisture issues. We integrate whole-home humidifiers/dehumidifiers for year-round comfort control.

    Air Scrubber Installation

    Poor indoor air compromises health and efficiency. Bassett creates refreshing environments through integrated UV air purifiers and air scrubber installations.

    No Cincinnati cooling need goes unmet thanks to Bassett’s total solution expertise! Call (317) 360-0054 today for premium year-round indoor comfort and efficiency.

    Why Choose Bassett for Cooling Services in Cincinnati?

    When indoor comfort concerns arise, Cincinnati homeowners want a trusted partner they can depend on for prompt, professional service. For more than four decades, Bassett Services has delivered that peace of mind through our steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction and premium workmanship. We install, repair, and maintain every cooling system adhering to the industry’s highest standards.

    Expert Technicians

    Bassett’s technicians undergo rigorous training to earn industry certifications validating their technical mastery. We maintain active memberships with NATE and other prestigious organizations focused on advancing HVAC best practices. This commitment to ongoing education allows delivering cutting-edge services and staying ahead of evolving technologies.

    Comprehensive Solutions

    Rather than quick, Band-Aid fixes, Bassett believes in providing complete solutions optimizing whole-home cooling performance. Our comprehensive services cover every need from equipment installations and preventative maintenance to diagnostic repairs and smart integration solutions like Wi-Fi thermostat upgrades.

    Proven Track Record

    With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Bassett has established a reputation for service excellence over 40 years of experience. Generations of Cincinnati homeowners have trusted our certified professionals to keep their homes refreshingly comfortable through sweltering summers.

    Workmanship Warranties

    Our technicians take immense pride in their craftsmanship, and it shows through quality workmanship warranties backing every installation and service call. These labor warranties protect against defects, giving customers added confidence. Factory warranties on parts and equipment also maximize investment value.

    Financing Flexibility

    Unexpected cooling needs can strain budgets. That’s why Bassett offers flexible financing programs making major replacements and upgrades fit comfortably into monthly budgets through convenient payment plans.

    From innovative system designs tailored for each home to emergency repair services restoring comfort fast, Bassett ensures no Cincinnati cooling need goes unmet. Experience the refreshing difference our certified professionals provide by calling us today!

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    The Premier Cooling Authority for Cincinnati Homes

    When summer’s sweltering temperatures and oppressive humidity settle over the Queen City, area residents rely on the cooling experts from Bassett Services. For more than four decades, our certified HVAC technicians have delivered unmatched solutions keeping homes refreshingly comfortable through the brutal heat seasons.

    From precision central air installations and comprehensive maintenance programs to rapid-response repair services, Bassett provides total climate control mastery. Our proven process addresses every cooling challenge, whether replacing aging systems, integrating innovative ductless technologies, or upgrading intelligent thermostat controls.

    What truly distinguishes Bassett remains our unwavering commitment to exceptional service and customer satisfaction. You’ll experience the difference through prompt appointments, professional home evaluations, and meticulous workmanship backed by robust warranties – all performed by highly-trained technicians adhering to the industry’s most stringent standards.

    Stay cool and comfortable this summer with Cincinnati’s premier cooling leaders. Call the trusted professionals at Bassett Services today (317) 360-0054!

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    Bassett Service

    Today’s heating/cooling systems are more efficient and use more sophisticated digital controllers for their operations. Proper installation and maintenance is important and having the right technicians and service people to ensure proper operations is critical. Bassett Services has a special process for selecting individuals who can perform the technical functions that are required to service the equipment we sell and, most importantly, interface with our customers on a very professional level!

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    Warren was a joy to have in our home, he helped our elderly dog in and out of the house in addition to his job duties. Please thank Warren for us and we would like to thank you for having such pleasant, courteous and professional technicians.

    – Scott Conatser

    CJ is a great asset to the Bassett team. His professionalism and skills are first rate.

    – Michael Callahan

    Warren did a great job. He reeled the hose back in and left things very neat. He even pulled my empty trash can back to the garage.

    – Lisa Ward

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