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Make Sure Your HVAC Systems Are Meeting the New 2023 AC Energy Efficiency Regulations

Changes are coming to the HVAC industry in the new year, and not just incredible products from our manufacturers – but the very testing procedures used in homes and businesses throughout the country. Since 2015, regulations for what is considered energy-efficient regarding air conditioning units have been unchanged, until now. Instead of relying on an outdated AC system, these new energy-efficiency standards will help keep your property cool and humid-free for longer periods throughout the summer months and can even decrease your current energy bill significantly. Keep reading to learn more about the efficiency regulations our team at Bassett Services will be following come January 2023.

What Are the Current Energy-Efficiency Standards for HVAC Systems?

2015 was the last year that energy-efficiency standards were set in place for HVAC and cooling systems. With 7 years between these regulations and current expectations of efficiency in homes and businesses throughout the US, it has been recognized that these standards must become stricter to ensure the comfort and safety of residential and commercial properties. These changes in the current SEER standards will allow those investing in newer air conditioning systems to enjoy the cooling capabilities of their space while saving money on monthly energy costs.

The current energy-efficiency standards for HVAC systems are set as the following:  a minimum cooling rating of 14 SEER in the South and Southwest, and a 13 SEER in the North for split and central AC systems. Bassett Services in Plainfield, IN is here to help your property reach its maximum cooling potential by adhering to the new efficiency standards coming January 2023.

The New Regional & National Efficiency Guidelines to 2023 HVAC Systems

Starting January 1st, 2023, several guidelines are changing for residential and commercial properties that run on standard air conditioning units. These new energy-efficiency standards include the change of testing procedures on a variety of AC systems and models, both regionally and nationally, to ensure the performance and comfort of properties throughout the country. For homes and businesses of all sizes, your air conditioner will now have to meet even higher standards than before to be considered efficient. Bassett Services located in Plainfield, IN has provided the new 2023 AC efficiency guidelines below that property owners will need to be aware of:

  • Northern USA regions must meet a 14 SEER rating vs. 13 SEER in previous years for all cooling systems.
  • Southern and Southwestern regions must meet a 15 SEER vs. 14 SEER in previous years for all cooling systems and split units that use less than 45K BTU.
  • Split units must meet a 14.5 SEER rating as well.
  • New EER/EER2 requirements will be set in the Southwest region.
  • New testing ratings will be set in place to meet 2023 regional standards.

New HVAC Testing Procedures

Quality testing procedures are essential when it comes to your air conditioning units throughout the USA. Traditionally, AC systems of all makes and models would be tested on a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) scale which takes the cooling output during the summer and divides it by the energy used during the summer. This number is then compared to the current energy ratings and is then decided if the system is energy efficient or needs to be replaced with a new and improved unit.

Coming in 2023, the new energy-efficiency testing procedures for HVAC cooling systems will now be rated on several different bases’: SEER2, HSPF2, and EER2. Current manufacturers will now need to follow these guidelines when producing new air conditioning equipment for homeowners and businesses. New things manufacturers will need to look out for are the newest data values, testing conditions, and the installation process of the HVAC system. For more information on these new testing procedures, contact Bassett Services in Plainfield, IN.

What Do These Standards Mean for Homeowners?

So what exactly do these new AC energy-efficiency standards mean for homeowners in Plainfield, IN? All it means is that when you purchase a new air conditioner, split system, or heat pump, you will need to make sure that it is a high-performing unit with the current SEER2, HSPF2, or EER2 ratings. While these new high-performing AC units can be more costly, it does not compare to the savings and comfort you will experience year after year thanks to these new and improved regulations. At Bassett Services, our team will be trained on the newest standards for air conditioning units to ensure your property is getting the cooling requirements it needs.

How Will This Affect My Commercial HVAC Equipment?

If you own a commercial business in the Plainfield, IN region, then you should be ready for the efficiency changes coming to your HVAC systems. While these changes are slim, and there are no regional energy efficiency requirements that are changing, new technology will be coming to modern air conditioning systems, and minimum requirements set when testing for cooling efficiency. To ensure your business is ready for these new 2023 changes, contact Bassett Services at (317) 751-0171 for more information and to ensure your current AC systems meet these new requirements.

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