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Air Conditioning Services Bargersville, Indiana

Licensed Air Conditioning Repair and Installation in Bargersville, Indiana

Warmer weather is quickly approaching the unpredictable Midwest climate, so it will soon be time to retire the furnaces for the season and usher in the air conditioners. Your comfort is our top priority and our team of trained and experienced professionals at Bassett Services are available to provide AC maintenance, repair, and installation services based on your home’s needs. If you reside in the Bargersville, IN area, please contact our team to get a free quote on your next HVAC request.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Bargersville, Indiana

Maintaining your air conditioner is just as important as maintaining any other appliance in your house, and just as straightforward when you have the services of licensed professionals. That’s where Bassett Services comes in and we make the comfort of our clients our top priority. If properly maintained, your AC unit should only require service once or twice a year, as it is designed to last well over a decade. If you notice that your home feels warmer or more humid than normal, it’s time to call our Bargersville, IN air conditioning professionals. To help you avoid costly repairs, we will provide a thorough AC maintenance check to ensure every part of your unit is functioning properly. Call today for a free quote!

Air Conditioning Repair Bargersville, Indiana

Here at Bassett Services, we understand how important it is to live in a comfortable home that is tailored to your specific needs. We know how hot and humid the summer months can be in the Midwest, so it is vital to have a functioning and reliable air conditioning unit in your home. If you notice any loud noises or leaks coming from your AC or you discover an increase in your energy bills, it is likely time for an AC repair service from our Bargersville, IN professionals. Our team will be happy to assist you while respecting your budget and any other concerns you might have. If you detect a problem with your unit, please call us today!

Air Conditioning Installation Bargersville, Indiana

Unfortunately, after a decade or so of regular usage, your AC unit will need to be replaced to maintain the efficiency required to adequately cool your house during the spring and summer months. Luckily, our team of experts at Bassett Services in Bargersville IN has years of experience and we are fully equipped to handle any issue you might be having with your unit. In fact, we can pinpoint any problem with your gas or electric air conditioning system in just one visit. From there, we will work with top brand manufacturers to find our customers the best air conditioner to satisfy their needs. For AC installation services, call our team today!

Air Conditioning Inspection Services Bargersville, Indiana

Air conditioners, like any household appliance, have a certain life expectancy where we rely on them to function properly. Most AC units will last well over a decade, but to preserve the effectiveness and safety of your cooling system, our experts at Bassett Services recommend getting your AC examined at least once a year before the season changes. Since we are located in Bargersville, IN, we understand all too well how unpredictable and extreme the weather can be in the Midwest, so it is best to prepare for all scenarios. Our certified professionals will change air filters, clean debris from the system, and check for component failure during our inspections. Call us now to book an AC service or get a free quote!

The Benefits of AC Maintenance, Repair, & Installation in Bargersville, Indiana

If you can’t remember the last time you changed the air filters in your air conditioner, it might be time to start thinking about your unit and if you require routine maintenance, repair, or even the installation of a new AC. If your unit remains neglected for months on end, it could result in a decrease in the unit’s performance, mechanical problems, and increased energy costs. Please don’t wait for your air conditioner to fail—contact us today and take advantage of the expert services we provide! We can ensure the following improvements you will experience with your air conditioner with the help of our skilled technicians in Bargersville, IN:

  • Improves the Life Expectancy of Your AC Unit
  • Improves the Air Quality in Your Home
  • Saves You Money on Future Repairs
  • Reduces Indoor Humidity Levels
  • Reduces Pollutants & Allergens
  • Clears Out Any Lurking Pests
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