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Male technician adjusting the temperature of a residential water heater in West Newton, IN.

Exceptional Water Heater Services in West Newton, IN

Have you been noticing a lack of hot water in your home? If this is happening to you, it is possible you could have an issue with the heating element in your water heater. Bassett Services is a top-rated company experienced in water heater maintenance, installation, repairs, and even tankless water heaters. Our team takes pride in providing West Newton, IN with the best services to ensure your water heater unit is running efficiently. We offer honest pricing, so you will never pay more than what you are quoted. Nothing is more aggravating than not having any hot water in your home. Contact us today before this happens to you.

Water Heater Maintenance in West Newton, IN

Everyone enjoys a water heater that lasts for its intended lifespan of ten to fifteen years, and twenty years for tankless water heaters. The best way to maintain a longer-lasting water heater is by calling Bassett Services for annual water heater maintenance. Our certified plumbers will come to your home in West Newton, IN and quickly and efficiently repair, install, or provide maintenance to your water heater. We provide honest pricing and emergency services so you can contact us whenever you have an emergency with your water heater. Reach out to us for water heater maintenance to sustain your water heater and avoid expensive repair costs.

Water Heater Repair in West Newton, IN

Lack of warm water and low hot water pressure is not something that should be happening in your West Newton, IN home. If this is something you are experiencing, then you should call Bassett Services for a water heater repair. We have licensed plumbers who are skilled in water heater repairs and keep their trucks fully stocked so they can complete many of the repairs on-site. Our team will provide you with a detailed report before we begin any repairs on your water heater. Don’t let this problem go unnoticed and contact us for your water heater repairs before you are stuck without hot water in your home.

A technician’s hands use an adjustable wrench to perform repairs on a residential water heater in West Newton, IN.

Water Heater Installation in West Newton, IN

Some homeowners in West Newton, IN start to experience more repairs on their water heaters once they approach the end of their lifespan. Constant repairs can quickly become expensive. The best way to save money once your water heater gets older is by contacting Bassett Services for water heater installation. Our team of skilled plumbers understands how difficult it can be to install a new water heater due to requiring a water line and gas line to be installed. We will come to your home and analyze your installation needs so we can get it properly installed; that way, you don’t experience any issues in the future. Quit wasting your money on continuous repair costs and call us today at (317) 644-0970 for your water heater installation needs.

Tankless Water Heaters in West Newton, IN

Nothing is more frustrating than racing your family to the shower, so you are not the one stuck with a little amount of warm water left before it turns cold from everyone else who has showered before you. With a tankless water heater, you will have endless amounts of hot water in your West Newton, IN home. Tankless water heaters don’t use a storage tank. Therefore, when a hot water faucet is turned on, cold water runs through the heat exchanger and warms the water instantly. Bassett Services has licensed technicians who are certified in tankless water heater repairs, maintenance, and installations. Another benefit of tankless water heaters is they require less maintenance and have a longer life span versus a regular water heater. Avoid waiting for your water to warm up and reach out to us to learn more about the benefits of tankless water heaters.

Homeowner’s hand rotates the temperature adjuster of residential water heater in West Newton, IN.

The Benefits of Maintaining Your Water Heaters in West Newton, IN

The best way to ensure your water heater continues working efficiently is to schedule yearly maintenance with Bassett Services. When you contact our team, we will send skilled technicians who will be able to detect any problems you may have with your water heater that could affect your water’s temperature, pressure, or even color. If you notice that the water in your West Newton, IN home is discolored, this could mean you have rust on your water heater. One of our technicians will flush your system to help prevent corrosion from happening. Some additional benefits to water heater maintenance include:

  • Keeps Your Home Safe
  • Improves Your System’s Efficiency
  • Detects Problems Early
  • Reduces Repair Expenses
  • Increases the Life of Your Unit
  • Ensures the Manufacturer’s Warranty
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