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There’s no ruder wake-up call for Indianapolis homeowners than stepping into what should be a soothing, steamy shower only to get blasted by a frigid stream of cold water. We’ve all experienced that sudden, miserable jolt when our trusty endless hot water supply unexpectedly stalls out. You frantically crank up the heat but get no relief – just an icy trickle left dribbling out.

When your tankless water heater starts underperforming or stops working altogether, it completely disrupts your daily routine. From showerless mornings and doing dishes in cold water to skipping laundry day, a lack of hot water makes basic household tasks a real headache. That’s why you need a team of skilled local pros you can count on to promptly diagnose and resolve any tankless system issues.

For over 40 years, Indianapolis families have relied on Bassett Services’ certified plumbing technicians to keep their endless hot water supply flowing. Our experts undergo extensive training to properly repair all makes and models of tankless units quickly and effectively. 

Using our multi-point inspection process, we’ll rapidly get to the root of what’s ailing your water heater and walk you through straightforward repair recommendations – no confusing technical jargon. Whether it’s a simple swap or a complex system replacement, you can feel confident in our skilled workmanship and meticulous attention to detail. 

Don’t resign yourself to lukewarm showers and cold dishpans – call Bassett at (317) 360-0054 today to restore hot water bliss!

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    The Bassett Tankless Water Heater Repair Experience in Indianapolis

    When your tankless system hits a snag, you need pros who can trace the issue and make it right quickly. But you also deserve a repair team you feel comfortable welcoming into your home. For over 40 years, Bassett Services has provided Indianapolis families with both exceptional technical expertise and outstanding customer service.

    From Your First Call

    You’ll notice our attentive approach right away as we take the time to thoroughly understand your hot water situation. We’ll work to find an appointment window that fits your schedule – no runaround with vague “service times” here. We respect your day, so we’ll confirm when to expect our certified plumber.

    The Warm Welcome

    When your Bassett tech arrives, you’ll be greeted with a friendly smile and that “Job Done Right” attitude our team is known for. Creating a comfortable environment with minimal disruptions is one of our top priorities. Throughout the repair process, you can expect the same courteous, professional behavior you’d show guests in your own home.

    Thorough Diagnostic Process

    After a brief chat, our certified plumbers get to work running a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of your tankless system:

    • Testing water flow and temperatures
    • Inspecting burner assemblies and heat exchangers
    • Verifying electrical connections and controls
    • Monitoring venting and air intake performance
    • Checking all safety mechanisms are functioning

    No stone is left unturned to pinpoint the root cause accurately.

    Solutions You Understand

    Once we’ve diagnosed the issue, your technician will explain their findings using clear, straightforward language – not confusing technical jargon. You’ll get a rundown on recommended repairs, whether it’s a basic fix or if system replacement may be the better option. We ensure you have all the facts to decide what’s right for your home.

    Meticulous Repairs, Respectful Practices

    If you choose to go ahead with repairs, our certified plumbers get to work with focused efficiency. You can feel at ease knowing our factory-trained team treats every job site like their own home:

    • Any messes are properly contained and areas protected
    • Workspaces are kept tidy and organized
    • The area is thoroughly cleaned when the job’s done

    Before we depart, we’re always happy to share tips for optimizing your system’s performance and longevity going forward.

    Decades of Tankless Expertise

    For over 40 years, the Bassett name has delivered outstanding plumbing service across the Indianapolis metro. Our certified team has repaired and maintained virtually every make and model of tankless water heater in both residential and commercial settings. 

    When you need reliable hot water restored quickly, experience the elevated service that makes Bassett the area’s most trusted plumbing professionals. Don’t let tankless heating troubles cramp your daily routine – give us a call today!

    Types of Tankless Water Heaters We Repair

    Bassett Services has decades of experience servicing all varieties of tankless water heaters across the Indianapolis area. Our certified plumbers continuously undergo training to ensure they can properly diagnose issues and perform necessary repairs on any make or model you may have installed.

    Gas & Propane Fired Units

    The most common tankless systems found in Indianapolis homes are gas and propane-fired models. These tried-and-true workhorses use integrated burner assemblies to rapidly heat water as it passes through an exchanger. Our technicians are well equipped to repair and maintain units from all manufacturers, big and small.

    Electric Tankless Heaters

    For eco-conscious homeowners, electric tankless water heaters provide an energy-efficient, combustion-free option. With no burners or exhaust components, these units rely on heating elements to warm water quickly. You can count on Bassett’s plumbers to service electric tankless models from any brand.

    High-Efficiency Condensing

    Modern condensing units take energy efficiency to the next level by capturing extra heat from exhaust vapors. Along with diagnosing issues, our team performs specialized maintenance to maximize the lifespan of these precisely engineered systems.

    Point-of-Use & Commercial

    For localized hot water, smaller point-of-use tankless heaters provide an ideal solution at individual fixtures or outlets. Industrial properties often utilize larger-capacity commercial models as well. Bassett has experience repairing specialty tankless systems for any application.

    Hybrid Tank-Tankless

    Hybrid units blend conventional tank storage with on-demand tankless technology. Our plumbers are qualified to service both the integrated tankless components as well as the tank side of these combination units.

    No matter what type of tankless system you have in your Indianapolis home or business, it’s sure to be in the wheelhouse of Bassett’s factory-trained professionals. We have the product expertise and technical skills to diagnose problems accurately and complete repairs correctly – the first time. From quick fixes to full replacements, you can count on our workmanship and attention to detail. Don’t let hot water issues disrupt your daily routine – call the tankless repair leaders today!

    Does Hard Water Damage Tankless Water Heaters?

    For Indianapolis homeowners, dealing with hard water is just part of life in this region. That excess mineral content doesn’t just leave behind soap scum and spotty dishes – it can take a serious toll on your home’s plumbing and appliances over years of exposure, including your tankless water heating system.

    While tankless heaters are designed to be lower maintenance than old-fashioned tank models, they aren’t immune to hard water problems. At their core, these systems still need to rapidly heat up water as it flows through using heat exchangers or heating elements. When mineral-rich hard water is involved, some crucial components become targets.

    The Scaling Culprit

    As heated hard water releases its dissolved calcium and magnesium content, those minerals precipitate out as rock-hard scale buildup on surfaces. In tankless units, this gradual accumulation occurs in key areas like:

    • The heat exchanger itself, acting as an insulating blanket
    • The inlet pipes restricting water flow
    • Heating elements for electric models
    • Smaller components like sensors and valves

    Left unchecked, scaling chokes off heating efficiency while causing clogs, blockages or premature failures.

    The Corrosion Concern

    But hard water impacts go beyond just scaling. That mineral-laden moisture is also highly corrosive, causing:

    • Rapid deterioration of pipe fittings and connections
    • Leaks to develop in heating components over time
    • Complete clogs to form in water lines
    • Sensitive ceramic sensors to malfunction

    Vigilant Maintenance is Key

    So what’s the solution for tankless owners dealing with hard water? Consistent, professional maintenance from experienced plumbers. At Bassett Services, our techs have specialized descaling equipment and solutions to periodically flush out built-up mineral residues before they cause major damage.

    We also strongly recommend using quality water filtration or softener systems to remove hardness from your home’s supply. Catching hard water effects early and filtering out minerals at the source provides the best defense.

    For over 40 years, Bassett has helped Indianapolis families protect their plumbing investments from the onslaught of hard water. Don’t let mineral buildup cut your tankless system’s lifespan short. Call us today to learn more about preventative maintenance plans!

    Can Installing a Water Softener Reduce Tankless Water Heater Repairs?

    As we discussed, hard water can be incredibly punishing for tankless water heater systems over time. From excessive mineral scaling and clogged components to premature corrosion and leaks, that excess calcium and magnesium content is essentially public enemy #1 when it comes to shortening your unit’s lifespan.

    While diligent professional maintenance and descaling services from Bassett help mitigate hard water’s effects, you may be wondering if there’s an even better way to get ahead of these issues altogether. The good news is, there is – investing in a quality water softener!

    The Softening Solution

    Unlike basic filtration systems that only remove larger particulates, water softeners are designed to actually reduce the hardness levels throughout your entire plumbing system. They accomplish this through an ion exchange process:

    As unsoftened hard water enters the tank, it passes through resin beads that attract and trap dense calcium and magnesium mineral ions. In exchange, the system adds back softer sodium or potassium ions to condition the water.

    What emerges on the other side is a softened water supply with a significantly reduced hardness that’s gentler on your tankless water heater and plumbing overall. While not as pure as reverse osmosis, it provides maximum protection against scale buildup and corrosion.

    The Hard Water Headache Relief

    By removing that rock-hard mineral content before it ever reaches your tankless unit, a well-installed and properly maintained water softener delivers some huge advantages:

    • Less Scaling & Buildup – With the majority of hardness eliminated, you’ll experience a much slower accumulation of mineral scale on heating components and pipes over years of use.
    • Lower Risk of Clogs – Fewer hard water deposits mean less chance of developing flow-restricting clogs in inlet lines and tight spaces.
    • Extended Parts Lifespan – From heating elements and heat exchangers to sensors and valves, softened water prevents premature corrosion for longer part life.
    • Easier Maintenance – When descaling is required, softened water makes professional flush services faster and more effective with less harsh chemical usage.
    • Energy Savings – As scale builds up, it forces your tankless system to work harder while wasting more energy. Softening increases heating efficiency year after year.

    While they do require some basic routine maintenance themselves, today’s water softeners are extremely user-friendly and hands-off for most homeowners. If you’re dealing with hard water in Indianapolis, making this small investment can pay big dividends by drastically reducing future tankless repair needs down the road.

    At Bassett Services, we’re big proponents of water softeners not just for the benefits to your tankless unit, but for overall household plumbing longevity too. Call us today to learn more about professionally installed water softening solutions for your home!

    What are the Most Common Tankless Water Heater Issues in Indianapolis?

    While tankless water heaters are renowned for their efficiency and low-maintenance requirements, our team still encounters a variety of issues impacting these systems across the Indianapolis area. From environmental factors to basic wear-and-tear over time, there are some tankless troubles that seem to pop up more frequently than others.

    Mineral Buildup from Hard Water

    If you’ve lived in Indianapolis for any length of time, you know the water here has a pretty high mineral content and hardness level. That excess calcium and magnesium has a tendency to precipitate out as rock-solid scale buildup inside tankless water heaters. Unchecked, this crusty accumulation acts as insulation that chokes off heating performance while clogging up components.

    Freezing of External Pipes

    Being located in the frigid Midwest, Indianapolis homeowners have to be cautious about any plumbing pipes and vents that run along exterior walls or through uninsulated spaces. When Arctic blasts of cold air hit, exposed tankless water lines are at risk of freezing up and cutting off water flow to the unit itself.

    Ignition Failures During Cold Weather

    Speaking of winter weather woes, conventional gas-fired tankless systems typically run into more ignition hiccups during extreme cold snaps too. Icy conditions can impact fuel lines, air intake vents, and other components related to the ignition process. Even a brief ignition failure may require a professional to restore hot water.

    Fluctuating Water Pressure Issues

    While not strictly a cold weather problem, fluctuating municipal water pressure creates its own set of headaches for tankless water heaters year-round throughout Indy. Erratic pressure swings, whether from local supply issues or aging plumbing lines, force these systems to rapidly adapt flow rates and temperatures on the fly. Maintaining consistent heating becomes extremely difficult.

    Vent Blockages from Seasonal Debris

    With the area’s beautiful change of seasons also comes the downside of increased debris around the home – sticks, leaves, nesting materials, you name it. For tankless systems with exterior exhaust vents and intake components, this natural buildup can easily create airflow blockages that hamper combustion and venting processes if not cleared away regularly.

    No matter what types of tankless snafus you encounter in your Indianapolis home, the certified repair technicians at Bassett Services have seen and resolved them all. From weather-related woes to mineral buildup, our skilled plumbers can get your endless hot water supply back up and running quickly! Just give us a call whenever hot water issues start disrupting your routine.

    How Often Should Tankless Water Heaters Be Serviced in Indianapolis to Prevent Breakdowns?

    As a tankless water heater owner in the Indianapolis area, you’re already well aware of the amazing convenience and efficiency these systems provide. With hot water heated on-demand, you enjoy endless supply without the standby energy losses of traditional tank heaters. It’s a great way to save money while being more eco-friendly too!

    However, even with their low-maintenance design, tankless units still require some routine professional service to keep them operating safely and at peak performance year after year. Neglecting basic maintenance is an easy way to run into disruptive breakdowns and shorten your system’s overall lifespan.

    At Bassett Services, we generally recommend an annual tune-up for most Indianapolis households – but your specific service schedule may vary depending on a few factors:

    Water Quality

    If you’re among the many homes dealing with hard water throughout Indianapolis, your tankless heater is exposed to accelerated mineral buildup and scaling. More frequent flushing services are required to prevent those rock-solid deposits from clogging up internal components. Descaling every 6-8 months is a wise move.

    Household Usage

    The more hot water demands your household places on the tankless system, the harder it has to work and the quicker parts like heat exchangers wear down over time. Larger families that run lots of hot water tasks simultaneously may benefit from increasing service visits to every 8 months.

    Unit Age

    As tankless systems reach their teenage years, more intensive maintenance helps extend longevity into that final sprint. Once your unit hits the 8-10 year mark, we recommend increasing tune-ups to twice annually to catch any developing issues early.

    Even if your annual tune-up just took place, it’s still a good idea to keep an eye out for these warning signs that you may need a service call:

    • Rumbling or knocking noises from scale buildup
    • Leaks or water damage around the unit
    • Combustion odors or gases getting into the home
    • Reduced hot water output or pressure
    • Frequent on/off cycling or failure to ignite

    At the first hint of breakdown troubles, give Bassett Services a call! Our certified tankless water heater experts have the tools and training to diagnose any problems and perform any necessary repairs or maintenance services. With a little proactive annual care, your tankless system can keep providing reliable, efficient hot water for years to come in your Indianapolis home!

    How Does Winter Weather in Indianapolis Affect Tankless Water Heaters?

    As any longtime Indianapolis resident can attest, our winters don’t pull any punches. When those Arctic blasts and snowy conditions settle in, they can seriously test even the most robust plumbing and heating systems in your home – tankless water heaters included.

    While these modern on-demand units are designed for optimal energy efficiency year-round, they still have to compensate and adjust for the stresses brought on by harsh Midwest winter weather. From plummeting temperatures to wind-driven precipitation, there are a few key wintertime challenges your tankless system has to overcome:

    Freezing Risks

    Any plumbing lines or venting components that run along exterior walls or through uninsulated spaces like attics or crawl spaces become susceptible to freezing when the mercury bottoms out. For tankless units, if the water pipes feeding the system freeze up, you’ll lose supply to the heater itself. Frozen exhaust vents or air intake lines hamper proper airflow needed for efficient combustion too.

    Ignition Hassles

    If your Indianapolis home utilizes a gas-fired tankless model, the ignition sequence to kick on those burners can run into hiccups during extremely frigid conditions. Icy downdrafts and wind can impact everything from fuel supply lines and air intakes to the igniter itself. Even brief ignition failures will leave you without hot water.

    Cold Air Infiltration

    Temperature fluctuations from cold fronts and high winds also create risks of drafty air seeping into interior spaces surrounding your tankless heater. This unwanted airflow causes “cold air sandbox” issues, where incoming cold water temperatures drop too low for the system to properly heat.

    Venting Obstructions

    As winter storms blow through with high winds and precipitation, loosened debris from trees or buildings can easily find its way into exterior exhaust vents and intake components. Any blockages, even partial ones, will disrupt proper airflow and combustion processes.

    While these cold weather curveballs may seem unavoidable, Bassett Services has some professional winterization techniques to help tankless owners better withstand the elements. Simple preventative measures like pipe insulation, draft sealing, and vent clearing make a huge difference. We also recommend scheduling a tune-up each fall to ensure your system is winter-ready.

    Of course, our team is always on call 24/7 to repair any tankless issues that pop up from winter weather, day or night. Don’t get left out in the cold this season! Trust the Indianapolis experts at Bassett to keep your endless hot water supply flowing through every snowstorm and cold snap.

    DIY vs Professional Tankless Water Heater Repair

    In our modern DIY era with online tutorials for just about everything, you may be tempted to try diagnosing and repairing issues with your tankless water heater yourself. After all, these systems seem fairly straightforward compared to traditional tank models. How hard could it be to fix, right?

    While we certainly appreciate enterprising homeowners willing to get hands-on, tankless repairs are one area the team at Bassett Services strongly advises leaving to trained professionals. These are sophisticated appliances with precise fuel and water integrations – improper repairs can quickly create hazardous situations.

    The Risks of DIY Tankless Repairs

    On the surface, futzing around with a few plumbing connections or electrical wires may not seem too daunting. But unless you deeply understand the inner workings of these on-demand heaters, you could easily miss critical details:

    • Combustion Hazards – If gas-fired tankless units don’t receive proper ventilation and exhaust, they can leak dangerous carbon monoxide into your home’s living spaces.
    • Ignition Faults – Even slight misadjustments to gas lines or air intake systems may prevent burners from igniting properly and heating water.
    • Water Leaks – Whether from loose fittings or overloaded components, even a minor water leak around your tankless unit promotes mold and water damage.
    • Electrical Issues – Crossed wiring, poor connections, or inadequate grounding introduces shock hazards while potentially frying circuit boards.
    • Code Violations – Straying outside of local codes governing tankless installations creates major liability risks should anything go wrong.

    The Benefits of Professional Repairs

    When you call in the certified repair experts from Bassett Services, you eliminate the guesswork and dangers of DIY tankless diagnostics. Our team comes prepared with the specialized tools, OEM parts, and product training to safely repair any make or model the right way:

    • In-Depth Diagnostics – Using sophisticated testing and inspection techniques, we accurately pinpoint the root issues behind any heating, combustion, or water flow problems.
    • Comprehensive Repairs – Whether it’s heat exchanger descaling, thermostat calibrations, or complete component replacements, our plumbers make reliable fixes the first time.
    • Safety & Code Compliance – We ensure all repairs meet manufacturer specs, safety codes, and permitting requirements to protect your home and family.
    • Efficiency Optimizations – Our technicians make any necessary airflow, fuel supply, and temperature adjustments to restore peak energy efficiency.
    • Cleanup & Advice – We carefully clean up any workspace materials while providing maintenance tips to extend your tankless unit’s lifespan going forward.

    While YouTube videos make it look easy, there’s simply too much hazard potential with DIY tankless repairs. For the sake of your safety, investment, and endless hot water supply, leave the fix-its to the trained professionals at Bassett Services. Schedule your service call today!

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    Your Tankless Repair Partners in Indianapolis

    When your endless hot water supply hits a snag, you want prompt service from true tankless experts. For over 40 years, Indianapolis families have trusted the certified plumbers at Bassett Services to properly diagnose and repair any make or model with skill and professionalism.

    From your initial call, you’ll appreciate our friendly approach and convenient scheduling. When your Bassett tech arrives, you’ll receive a warm greeting as we begin thoroughly evaluating your unit using proven diagnostic techniques. We’ll explain our findings clearly so you can decide on the recommended repairs or potential replacement.

    Our experts then get to work with efficiency while respecting your property. Any messes are contained, areas protected, and workspaces kept tidy until job completion. We’re always happy to share tips for optimizing performance too.

    Don’t resign yourself to disruptive cold showers. Keep your daily routine flowing by calling the hot water professionals Indianapolis relies on – Bassett Services at (317) 360-0054. We’ll have your tankless system back in working order quickly!

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