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There’s no relief quite like walking into a perfectly air-conditioned home when summer temperatures are soaring. But when your AC unit sputters, strains or stops working altogether, that refreshing comfort can quickly turn into a sweltering nightmare. If you find yourself facing air conditioning woes, don’t sweat it – Bassett Services has been Granville’s go-to source for reliable cooling repairs for over 40 years.

As a family-owned business with deep roots in the community, we understand how unbearable AC breakdowns can be. That’s why you’ll get a friendly voice on the other line anytime you call, day or night, ready to schedule one of our certified HVAC technicians to get your issue resolved quickly. We’re not your typical repair crew that keeps you waiting and wondering.

From the moment your technician arrives, you’ll appreciate our signature warm service and expertise honed over four decades in the business. We approach every job with the same professionalism and attention to detail, whether it’s a fast fix or an extensive repair. Using state-of-the-art tools and knowledge of all makes and models, our techs quickly identify the problem so we can make it right.

But outstanding service is about more than just mastering the technical aspects – it’s about earning your trust through accountability and going the extra mile too. You’ll get upfront, flat-rate pricing so you know the investment before we start. We thoroughly test repairs when complete, carefully explaining our work. And we guarantee your satisfaction, never considering a job done until you’re happy with the results.

From strange noises and inefficient cooling to electrical gremlins and worse, Bassett Services can repair just about any air conditioning issue. Don’t resign yourself to sweat and misery a moment longer. Call on the crew that has kept Granville comfortable through the warmest days and nights since 1975!

Call (317) 360-0054 today to schedule a repair today!

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    The Bassett Services AC Repair Experience

    When your AC unit needs some TLC, you can count on Bassett Services for a repair experience that’s professional, transparent, and stress-free from start to finish. Here’s what to expect:

    Getting Started

    Simply give us a call to schedule anytime – we’re here for you 24/7. Our friendly staff will gather some initial details about your AC situation and find an appointment time that works best for your schedule.

    The Diagnostic Visit

    At your convenient appointment window, one of our certified HVAC technicians will arrive promptly. With a warm greeting and approachable manner, they’ll listen carefully as you explain when issues first started and describe any concerning sounds or symptoms. Then it’s time to roll up their sleeves and dig in with a comprehensive system evaluation using specialized tools and hands-on inspections of all components.

    Finding the Fix

    Once our tech has identified the root cause, they’ll walk you through their findings in easy-to-understand terms, not confusing code. You’ll receive an upfront, straightforward pricing estimate to repair or replace any faulty parts – no surprise fees, we promise. Our techs will patiently answer all your questions to ensure you’re completely comfortable moving forward.

    The Repair Process

    With your go-ahead, we’ll get to work making things right. Our trucks are fully stocked with common air conditioning parts and equipment, but for unique needs, we can quickly access our local supply warehouse. Your technician will work diligently and keep you informed until proper cooling is restored.

    Testing and Final Sign-Off

    We’re perfectionists, so we’ll never leave until your system has been thoroughly tested from top to bottom and is running smoothly. After making any final adjustments, your tech will review all work completed, explain maintenance tips, and ensure you know how to properly operate your refreshed AC moving forward.

    Bassett Services has provided reliable cooling solutions in Granville for over 40 years. With our skilled technicians, code of ethics, and satisfaction guarantee, you can feel confident your repair is in trustworthy hands. Contact us today to schedule!

    Commonly Replaced AC Parts

    Even with proper maintenance, wear and tear on your air conditioning system is inevitable over time. Here are some of the most frequently replaced components to keep your AC running reliably.


    Air filters protect your system by trapping dust, dirt, and other airborne particulates that could otherwise build up inside. When filters become clogged, they restrict airflow and make your AC work harder. Replacing filters regularly is an easy DIY task that extends equipment life.


    These cylindrical parts provide the burst of electrical energy needed to start and run your compressor and fan motors. When capacitors fail due to age or electrical issues, your AC unit may struggle to turn on or run continuously until replacements are installed.


    Serving as the control center, thermostats tell your system when to cycle on and off for cooling. Older analog models or those with dead batteries often need upgrading to newer programmable smart thermostats for better operation and efficiency.

    Fuses or Breakers

    These safety switches prevent electrical damage from power surges. When fuses blow or breakers trip frequently, it’s a sign there’s an electrical fault or wiring issue that needs diagnosis and repair, likely including new fuse or breaker replacement.


    This automotive-style relay controls the flow of power to the compressor and condenser fan motors for cycling on and off. Dirty or stuck contractor switches are a frequent culprit behind breakdowns that can be easily remedied with an affordable replacement part.

    Condenser Coils

    Located in the outdoor condenser unit, these coils release heat absorbed by refrigerant to the outside air. Corrosion, leaks or debris buildup can restrict airflow over time, requiring new coils to be installed for optimum heat rejection.

    Evaporator Coils

    These indoor coils absorb heat and humidity from the airstream for cooling and dehumidification. Continual dirt buildup can lead to freezing while corrosion and leaks ultimately require coil replacement to protect the compressor.

    Blower Motor

    This motor generates the airflow that circulates conditioned air through your ductwork and living spaces. When blower motors burn out or become too loud, replacement ensures proper airflow and cooling distribution.


    As the heart of the refrigeration cycle, the compressor circulates refrigerant to facilitate the entire cooling process. While expensive, replacing a worn compressor may be more cost-effective than whole unit replacement in some cases.

    With Bassett’s expert AC repair services, we can assess any component failures and make the quality replacements needed to restore your system’s full cooling capacity quickly and affordably.

    How is a Smelly AC Repaired?

    An unpleasant odor is one of the most common air conditioning complaints we hear. While a mild, musty smell when your system kicks on after non-use is normal, persistent or intensifying odors often signal an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Here’s a closer look at how our technicians diagnose and repair smelly ACs.

    Initial System Check

    When you report a funky smell, the first step is for our tech to turn on the AC and take a whiff. Different types of odors can indicate different problems, so they’ll note details like whether the smell is musty, rotten, electrical, or has a sewage-like stench. They’ll also ask about any other symptoms you’ve noticed.

    Ductwork Inspection

    Many odor sources originate in your ductwork, where dust, debris, and moisture can accumulate over time. Ductwork will be inspected throughout, including checking for any breaches that could draw in smells from attics or crawlspaces. Ducts may require thorough cleaning and sealing.

    Drain Line Flush

    Clogs in the condensate drain line are a frequent cause of musty, stale odors. Built-up moisture creates a prime environment for mold, mildew, and bacteria growth. Our techs will flush the drain line clear with a specialized vacuum to remove blockages.

    Air Filter Replacement

    When was the last time your air filter was changed? Filthy filters can harbor all sorts of foul-smelling grime that then circulates through your home. Replacing or cleaning filters is an easy fix for any odor issues they may be causing.

    Evaporator Inspection

    The evaporator coils act as the cold surface that warm air flows across. If their drainage isn’t working properly due to a clog or leak, moisture buildup leads to unpleasant smells and potential mold growth around the coils that must be addressed.

    Electrical Check

    Occasionally electrical issues like shorted wires or failed components can create a persistent burning smell. Technicians will check electrical connections along with the control board, capacitors and motors for any potential scorched areas that need repair.

    Sanitizing Treatment

    In cases of extreme mold, mildew or bacteria buildup, the entire system may need professional sanitizing treatment. This helps eliminate odors at the source and prevents lingering smells and growth going forward after the underlying issues are resolved.

    With their expert training and experience, you can count on Bassett’s certified technicians to get to the bottom of any funky AC odors quickly. We’ll make the repairs needed to clear the air and restore your peace of mind.

    Should AC Refrigerant Be Topped Up?

    Many homeowners believe that getting your air conditioner’s refrigerant “topped up” or “recharged” should be an annual ritual, almost like an oil change for your car. But topping up refrigerant when it’s not actually low can do more harm than good. Let’s clear up this common misconception.

    AC refrigerant, the chemical blend that circulates through your system to facilitate the cooling process, is contained in a closed loop, sealed system. It does not get “used up” through normal operation like gas or oil. Refrigerant levels should remain constant indefinitely with no need for adding more – unless there’s a leak.

    You see, refrigerant only escapes from pinholes or worn connections within the copper tubing. Unfortunately, even very small leaks can allow refrigerant to slowly seep out over time. That’s when your AC’s efficiency will drop and you may notice it’s not cooling as well as it once did.

    Simply topping up refrigerant without first repairing the leak is just a temporary band-aid. The leak will persist, causing you to continually lose refrigerant and pay to replace it again and again. That’s why reputable HVAC companies check for leaks first.

    If our technicians do detect a refrigerant leak, they’ll locate the source through careful examination of the indoor and outdoor coils, valves, and compressor connections. Leaks are then repaired through soldering or component replacement to reseal the system. Only then is the system evacuated and properly recharged with refrigerant to its original factory specifications.

    So unless your system has a verified leak, regularly topping up refrigerant is completely unnecessary. In fact, overcharging refrigerant can actually damage compressors by causing excess pressure and heat buildup. Trust the Bassett team – we’ll ensure your system has the right amount every time for peak cooling and efficiency.

    What Causes Ice Buildup on My AC?

    Discovering ice forming on your air conditioner can be alarming. Why is this happening when the unit is meant for cooling? While it may seem counterintuitive, ice buildup is actually a symptom that your AC system isn’t operating properly. Here’s what could be causing this freezing issue.

    Dirty Air Filters

    This is one of the most common culprits. When air filters are clogged with excessive dust and grime, not enough air can flow over the evaporator coils. This causes the coils to get too cold and moisture in the air freezes on their surface, eventually obstructing airflow further.

    Blocked Airflow

    Even with clean filters, anything blocking return air vents or supply registers can restrict airflow across the coils and lead to freezing issues. Make sure vents aren’t obstructed by furniture and that ductwork is sealed properly.

    Refrigerant Leaks

    Refrigerant is what absorbs heat and allows the cooling process. So when levels are low due to a leak somewhere in the system, the remaining refrigerant gets too cold as it circulates, causing attached moisture to ice over.

    Faulty Blower Fan

    The blower is responsible for pushing air over the evaporator coils. If it’s not working properly due to a motor issue or being obstructed, inadequate airflow allows ice buildup.

    Drainage Problems

    When the condensate drain line clogs or develops leaks, moisture has nowhere to go except accumulating around the coils where it can freeze over time.

    Poor Installation

    AC systems need to be properly sized for the space and installed according to manufacturer specs with accurately measured refrigerant levels. Shortcuts can lead to immediate or eventual problems like coil freezing.

    No matter the root cause, ice buildup signals your AC isn’t functioning as it should – continuing operation risks compressor damage. If you notice any ice accumulating, shut the system off and call Bassett Services right away. Our techs can inspect for issues and make any needed repairs.

    Catching the problem early prevents escalating into a costlier breakdown while also alleviating mid-summer discomfort during repairs. An annual tune-up can go a long way in preventing frozen coils by keeping your system operating at peak condition.

    Can a Faulty Thermostat Cause My AC to Malfunction?

    Your home’s thermostat acts as the brain that tells your air conditioning system when to kick on and off to maintain comfortable temperatures. So if this vital control component starts malfunctioning, you’ll likely start noticing some strange AC behavior. Here are some common ways a faulty thermostat can affect your cooling.

    Short Cycling

    Is your AC turning on and off constantly in quick succession, running only briefly before shutting off again? This “short cycling” is a big energy waster and puts lots of strain on components. A miscalibrated or failing thermostat may be giving the system mixed signals.

    Not Turning On

    If your thermostat has dead batteries, faulty wiring, or an electrical glitch, it may not send the signal for your AC to start up at all when indoor temps rise past the set point. So you’ll just keep waiting for that refreshing cool air that never arrives.

    Continuously Running

    On the flip side, a thermostat stuck in the “on” position will keep your system running nonstop, even long after your home has reached the desired temperature. This leads to high energy bills and premature equipment wear and tear from excessive operation.

    Temperature Inaccuracies

    Even if the system cycles properly, an improperly calibrated thermostat can cause your AC to overcool or undercool your home compared to the set point on the display. So you’re never quite comfortable.

    Erratic Behavior

    Other thermostat glitches may cause seemingly erratic cycling behavior where the unit keeps turning on and off rapidly without any apparent rhyme or reason as you adjust the temperature.

    If you’ve noticed any of these odd behaviors, the thermostat is one of the first things our techs check during an AC diagnosis call. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing batteries or adjusting calibration. Other times, a full thermostat replacement with an upgraded programmable model may be recommended. Don’t let a small problem lead to much bigger headaches down the road!

    How is AC Short Cycling Repaired?

    Short cycling puts excessive wear and tear on components while driving up energy costs. If you’re experiencing short cycling, it’s definitely a problem that needs to be addressed. Here’s how Bassett’s techs diagnose and repair this issue.

    First, we’ll rule out thermostat problems, as faulty wiring or calibration issues can transmit erratic signals that cause short cycling behavior. The thermostat may simply need battery replacement or re-calibration.

    If the thermostat checks out, the next step is to inspect additional control components like the run capacitor and contactor relay switch. A failing capacitor can prevent the compressor and condenser fan from receiving enough startup power, causing the system to shut right back down. Contactors stuck in the wrong position can have a similar effect.

    Another potential trouble spot is the main control board, which acts as the brain sending operation commands throughout your AC system. Electrical gremlins on the board may trigger improper cycling patterns that require board repair or replacement.

    For cooling calls, one of the most frequent culprits is simply a lack of airflow from dirty air filters or blocked vents and returns. This causes components to freeze over and automatically shut down before restarting in a repeating loop. Cleaning or replacing filters often resolves the issue.

    In some cases, the short cycling may come down to low refrigerant levels resulting from a leak somewhere in the copper tubing. Topping up the refrigerant can help, but our techs also find and repair that leak to prevent it from quickly recurring.

    No matter what causes your AC’s short cycling woes, Bassett will get to the bottom of it. We’ll replace any faulty parts, fix airflow issues, and ensure all components are operating in sync as they should be. Just sit back and enjoy that steady, consistent stream of refreshing air!

    Why Does it Take a While for The AC to Run After Turning it On?

    We’ve all been there – walking over to the thermostat and cranking the AC way down, only to be frustrated when cool air doesn’t start blasting right away. Before calling for service, it’s good to understand the normal startup process for your air conditioning system. There’s actually a built-in delay by design to protect key components.

    When you adjust the thermostat lower to call for cooling, the first thing that happens is the thermostat signals the blower fan to begin circulating air. Feeling this air movement, you might assume the cooling is underway. But behind the scenes, a safeguard delay has been triggered.

    This delay, usually lasting between 3-7 minutes, prevents the compressor from cycling on too quickly after being off. You see, when the compressor shuts down, refrigerant backs up and creates pressure on the side of the system it had been pumping from. Allowing this pressure to normalize before restarting prevents damage to the compressor.

    Depending on the age and model of your AC, this built-in delay provides a cushion period where only the air handler runs. Until the timer elapses, the compressor and condenser fan outside won’t kick on to start the actual cooling process and push out cold air.

    So next time you turn your thermostat down substantially, don’t be alarmed if it takes several minutes before you feel cold air starting to flow from the vents. That brief pause is simply your system’s normal operating sequence to extend equipment lifespan.

    Of course, if an excessive amount of time passes without cooling, that could indicate an issue. But a little patience goes a long way, especially during those first few summer startups! As always, Bassett is just a call away if concerns persist.

    How are Clicking AC Noises Repaired?

    An unsettling clicking, ticking, or rattling sound emanating from your air conditioner can really put you on edge. While some operational noise is normal, recurring clicking usually indicates an issue that needs professional attention before it potentially causes bigger problems or breakdowns. Here’s how Bassett Services diagnoses and repairs that dreaded AC clicking noise.

    One of the first things our technicians do is try to pinpoint exactly where the clicking originates – is it coming from the outdoor condenser unit or the indoor air handler? This can provide clues about which component may be the culprit.

    A common source of clicking noises is an undersized or failing run capacitor that powers the AC motors. As the capacitor weakens, it struggles to provide adequate energy, especially during startup. This can cause clicking, buzzing, or humming sounds as the compressor and condenser fan motors strain cycle on. Replacing the capacitor usually resolves it.

    Inside the air handler cabinet, a clicking blower fan could indicate a loose or misaligned blower wheel. Our tech will inspect and realign the wheel while also lubricating the motor bearings if needed. Other indoor unit clicks might be traced back to an electrical relay issue on the control board.

    In the outdoor condensing unit, the aluminum fins on the condenser coil can sometimes get bent or knocked loose, leading to a ticking or rattling sound as they repeatedly flex and bump into the spinning fan blades. Our techs carefully comb and straighten the fins to eliminate noise.

    Perhaps the biggest culprit for concerning clicks is a struggling compressor reaching the end of its service life. While clicking alone doesn’t necessarily mean compressor failure, accompanying issues like not cooling properly could foretell a replacement on the horizon. We’ll take a comprehensive look.

    From loose panels and debris causing disruptions to signs of wear on components, Bassett’s skilled techs take a systematic approach to stop that bothersome AC clicking noise at its source. Just another way we make your cooling comfort our top priority!

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    When you need reliable, professional air conditioning repairs in Granville, nobody does it better than the Bassett Services team. For over 40 years, our family-owned company has been keeping local homeowners cool and comfortable through even the hottest summer days.

    From our certified HVAC technicians to our friendly office staff, we’re a crew you can count on. Our techs bring extensive expertise to every job, tackling installations, repairs, and tune-ups with precision. We’re upfront about pricing, work efficiently, and never cut corners – going the extra mile is simply how we operate.

    But just as importantly, we treat you like part of our family too. You’ll experience our warm Midwestern hospitality and commitment to open communication from the moment you call. Our techs take the time to listen, explain things clearly, and make sure all your questions are answered. Your satisfaction truly matters to us.

    Dealing with AC troubles is no fun, but knowing you’ve got Bassett in your corner makes it a lot easier. We’ll have your system back up and running quickly and correctly, saving you from disruptions, discomfort, and headaches down the road. That’s just one reason why customers continue trusting us year after year.

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