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There’s nothing quite like walking into a perfectly air-conditioned home when temperatures outside are sizzling. As the refreshing cool air washes over you, you immediately feel rejuvenated and your discomfort melts away. But when your AC sputters, strains, or fails altogether, that oasis of comfort turns into a sweltering oven overnight.

We’ve all been there – fanning ourselves on the couch, struggling to sleep, and racking up astronomical electric bills just to stay halfway cool. When an air conditioning breakdown strikes in the peak of summer, it’s a nightmare that can put you and your family through the wringer. Tempers flare, schedules get disrupted, and wallets take a major hit.

But what if you could avoid those midsummer meltdowns entirely? At Bassett Services, we believe the true key to lasting cooling relief lies in preventative maintenance. Our comprehensive AC tune-up process allows you to get ahead of problems before they ever begin. From energy-robbing inefficiencies and early system burnout to total uncoolable breakdowns, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

With Bassett’s meticulous multi-point inspections and precision services, we’ll uncover any developing issues before they snowball into major repair needs. Our certified technicians leave no stone unturned – thoroughly cleaning coils, optimizing airflow, testing refrigerant levels, you name it. Any small components get replaced to keep your system running reliably all season long.

Summer’s heat is brutal enough without adding a broken AC into the mix. Before that first scorcher hits, call the family-owned pros at Bassett Services to schedule your air conditioning tune-up at (317) 360-0054. Start cooling with confidence today!

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    The Bassett Services AC Maintenance Experience

    When it comes to keeping your air conditioner running reliably and efficiently, Bassett Services doesn’t believe in cutting corners. Our comprehensive AC tuneup process is designed to provide a deep cleaning and comprehensive systems check to optimize performance all season long.

    The Experience Begins at Scheduling

    Rather than just offering pre-set maintenance visit windows, we take the time to find an appointment slot that best suits your schedule. One of our friendly staff will consult about ideal tuneup timing based on your cooling needs and usage patterns.

    A Warm Welcome

    On the day of your tuneup, you can expect our certified HVAC technician to greet you with a smile and friendly attitude. We truly value creating a comfortable environment free of any disruptions to your home life.

    The Multi-Point Inspection

    Your tech will methodically inspect, test, and service every major component and system following a best-in-class multi-point process:

    • Replace standard air filters
    • Check thermostat calibration
    • Monitor airflow for restricted venting
    • Inspect blower components
    • Clean and chemically treat condenser coil
    • Lubricate all moving parts
    • Check and adjust blower components
    • Test for refrigerant leaks
    • Measure refrigerant levels
    • Clean and flush condensate drain lines
    • Inspect ductwork for leaks
    • Tighten electrical connections
    • Record volts/amps on motors
    • …and more!

    Honest Advice and Explanations

    If any repair needs or potential issues are uncovered during the tuneup process, your technician will provide straightforward advice and clearly explain the problems. We’ll make recommendations for the right fix while outlining all options.

    A Refreshed System

    With your AC tuneup complete, you can feel confident knowing your system received the comprehensive service it requires for peak cooling performance. All components were thoroughly inspected, temperatures and airflow optimized, and energy efficiency restored – refreshing your comfort!

    Our Expert Tips

    Before wrapping up, your tech will share helpful tips on getting maximum value from your AC through simple at-home maintenance. We want you to achieve lasting cooling reliability.

    From start to finish, you’ll experience the professionalism and customer service that has made Bassett the trusted name for HVAC maintenance in Granville for over four decades. Your cooling confidence is our commitment!

    How Does the Age of an AC Influence Its Maintenance Schedule?

    Just like the human body, air conditioning systems have evolving maintenance needs as they age. An AC straight off the assembly line won’t require quite the same level of service and vigilance as a unit that’s been battling hot summer days year after year. At Bassett Services, we tailor our maintenance schedules based on your system’s age and operating hours.

    Newer AC Units (0-5 years)

    A brand new air conditioner comes built with the latest energy-efficient technology and components that are simply easier to keep in peak condition. Our annual maintenance plan provides the ideal service interval for systems in this age bracket:

    • Deep coil cleanings to prevent buildup
    • Drain line flushings to eliminate moisture issues
    • Filter replacements for better airflow
    • Detection of any manufacturer defects or installation issues

    With proper professional care right from the start, you can expect a new AC to operate reliably and efficiently for over a decade before more intensive work is required.

    Middle-Aged Units (6-10 years)

    As an AC gets some years under its belt, our technicians take extra precautions to assess performance and prep for long-term durability:

    • Measure electric current draws on all motors
    • Test starting capabilities and monitor operating pressures
    • Inspect insulation on refrigerant tubing for cracks/leaks
    • Tighten electrical connections to prevent safety issues

    Catching small issues before major failures occur becomes the priority. We recommend enhancing to semi-annual tuneups for ACs in this middle-aged range.

    Older Systems (10+ years)

    Once your air conditioner enters its second decade, Bassett amps up the thoroughness of maintenance visits. We perform repairs and part replacements proactively before simple wear-and-tear spirals into more expensive problems.

    • Replacement of any cycling components showing excessive fatigue
    • Lower refrigerant charge adjustments for energy savings
    • Check for corrosion that could compromise equipment lifespan
    • Air quality tests for signs of deterioration

    While repairs and part swaps sometimes become more frequent for older systems, our comprehensive maintenance procedures extend service life and prevent surprise breakdowns as long as possible.  Your tech may recommend planning for an upcoming replacement too.

    From newer installations to owners riding their trusted AC to the end, Bassett customizes every maintenance plan to maximize cooling performance, energy efficiency, and comfort based on the age and condition of your system!

    Does AC Size Influence Maintenance Schedule?

    When it comes to maximizing your air conditioner’s performance and longevity through routine maintenance, size does matter. The cooling output capacity of your AC system directly impacts how frequently it needs professional service. At Bassett Services, we customize maintenance schedules based not just on age, but also on the size of the unit installed.

    Smaller, Lower-Capacity ACs

    For homes with more modest cooling needs, a smaller 1.5-2.5 ton air conditioning system is often sufficient. These lower-capacity units typically don’t have to work as hard to maintain comfortable temperatures. As a result, their annual wear-and-tear is reduced compared to oversized systems constantly cycling and straining.

    Our maintenance techs can often extend service intervals a bit further for smaller units without compromising reliability. Routine tasks like air filter replacements, coil cleanings, and drain line flushings may only be required once per cooling season unless other issues arise.

    Larger, Higher-Capacity Systems

    On the flip side, homes requiring more powerful 4-5 ton AC systems to meet their cooling loads put more demand on components. These larger units must work harder, run longer cycles, and have more internal parts that need comprehensive tending.

    For higher-capacity ACs, Bassett recommends a more frequent bi-annual maintenance schedule, servicing both before the cooling season starts and halfway through the peak summer months. This ensures enough time for thorough inspections, testing calibrations, system flushing and any needed repairs.

    Multi-Unit Configurations

    If your home utilizes separate air handlers for upstairs and downstairs zones or multiple outdoor condensers, maintenance complexity increases. Different parts endure varied levels of output and wear depending on their specific operation demands.

    For these multi-component configurations, we advise staying on top of professional service at least twice yearly, if not quarterly. Our techs will thoroughly evaluate each piece of equipment and make any adjustments needed to equalize performance and efficiency.

    No matter how big or small your AC system, Bassett creates the ideal personalized maintenance schedule to maximize its potential service life. With our skilled technicians working proactively, you can count on reliable cooling comfort for years to come!

    How Often Should Ductwork Be Cleaned?

    Your home’s ductwork serves as the crucial pathway for distributing conditioned air from your heating and cooling system throughout the living spaces. While out of sight, these ducts shouldn’t be out of mind when it comes to routine maintenance. At Bassett Services, we prioritize duct cleaning as part of our comprehensive AC tuneup process when needed.

    For most households, a deep duct cleaning every 3-5 years is a general rule of thumb to maintain good indoor air quality and HVAC efficiency. Factors like pets, renovations, smokers in the home, or an older duct system can necessitate more frequent cleaning intervals.

    Circulating Air Carries Contaminants

    As your air conditioner or furnace runs, circulating airflow picks up all sorts of particles that end up deposited inside the supply and return ductwork over time. Dust, dander, pollen, debris, even vermin droppings – you name it. This buildup gets re-circulated every time the system runs.

    Not only can this lead to aggravated allergies and respiratory issues, it also forces your HVAC equipment to work harder to achieve desired temperatures. Obstructed ducts reduce airflow and cooling capacity. Components strain under the extra load, wasting energy and shortening service life.

    Signs It’s Time for Cleaning

    There are some telltale signs that it’s time to get serious about duct cleaning:

    • Visible dust puffing out from vents
    • Musty odors coming from ductwork
    • Tangled debris visibly built up at vent covers
    • Constant accumulation of dust around vents
    • Evidence of pest infestation

    Our certified HVAC technicians use powerful negative air vacuum equipment to fully remove built-up gunk, mold spores and other contaminants from your entire duct system. Afterward, we take additional steps like sealing off leaks and applying mold-resistant sealant to maximize results.

    For most homeowners, making duct cleaning part of your regular AC tune-up routine every 3-5 years hits that sweet spot. Your system performs better, you breathe easier, and interior surfaces stay fresher longer!

    Can a Modern Thermostat Reduce Maintenance Needs?

    When it comes to extending the service life of your air conditioning system, the unsung hero may just be your home’s thermostat. This humble control device tells your AC unit when to kick on cooling and at what temperature to cycle off. Having the right thermostat dialed in properly can actually reduce the need for frequent maintenance calls.

    Older Analog/ Manual Thermostats

    These basic models with slide dials or flip switches don’t offer much in the way of accurate temperature sensing or programming capabilities. If not calibrated correctly, they could cause your system to run too much or too little.

    Overcycling leads to excess strain on components from constant stopping and starting. Or running continuously despite reaching set temps just wastes energy. Improper operation inevitably results in higher maintenance requirements.

    Modern Programmable Thermostats

    Today’s programmable digital thermostats allow for much tighter temperature control within +/- 1 degree. You can set up schedules for the perfect balanced cycle times based on your daily routine.

    With intelligent recovery and automatic changeover between heating and cooling, HVAC systems simply don’t have to work as hard to maintain comfort. Reducing that operational stress equates to less repair needs and component wear over time.

    Wi-Fi/Smart Thermostats

    These next-level thermostats take environmental control even further with wireless app connectivity and intelligent sensors. Automatically adjusting program schedules based on ambient conditions helps eliminate temperature overshoots.

    Reminders and service alerts also ensure you never miss routine maintenance tasks. At Bassett Services, we’re big fans of smart Wi-Fi stats. The efficiency optimizations and customizable notifications reduce overall service calls.

    While a thermostat may seem like a small part of your cooling system, it plays an oversized role in governing efficient performance. Upgrading to a modern programmable or smart model provides long-term maintenance savings.

    During your next AC tune-up, have your Bassett tech check thermostat operations and settings. A quick calibration or thermostat replacement could be a simple solution for reducing maintenance headaches!

    What are the Risks of DIY AC Maintenance?

    With so many home repair tutorials available online these days, you might be tempted to try handling your air conditioning maintenance yourself. While changing air filters is usually safe DIY territory, there are some serious risks involved in attempting more complex AC services without proper training and equipment. At Bassett Services, we always recommend leaving the real maintenance work to certified HVAC professionals.

    Refrigerant Hazards

    Refrigerant is the lifeblood that allows your AC to transfer heat and provide cooling. But these chemical compounds can be extremely hazardous when not handled properly. Breathing refrigerant fumes or allowing it to make skin contact can lead to burns, frostbite, toxicity and other health concerns. Only licensed techs have the know-how to safely test levels and recharge systems when needed.

    Electrical Dangers

    Air conditioning systems require connections to high-voltage power sources that could potentially turn deadly for anyone inexperienced with electrical work. Even changing out components like condensers, fuses, or control boards improperly can create fire or shock hazards.

    Expensive Mistakes

    While watching a DIY video may make AC maintenance seem simple, there’s a lot of room for error that could end up costing big. Using incorrect lubricants, cleaners or materials could severely damage components. Disrupting the careful refrigerant balance or ductwork integrity will wreak havoc on airflow and efficiency. One slip-up often leads to multiple compounding issues.

    Voided Equipment Warranties

    Most AC manufacturers clearly state in their warranties that any unauthorized tampering, servicing or modifications by unlicensed individuals renders the coverage null and void. Having your warranty voided could result in you footing the entire bill for very expensive repairs or premature system replacement down the line.

    Safety should always be the top priority when it comes to working on complex appliances and HVAC equipment in your home. While DIY may seem like an easy way to cut costs upfront, it often ends up costing far more in the long run – both financially and potentially putting your family’s well-being at risk.

    Leave the advanced maintenance to the certified experts at Bassett. We have the specialized tools, knowledge and skills to properly service your system and keep it operating safely and reliably for years to come.

    Can Painting or Remodeling Affect My AC System’s Maintenance Needs?

    That new kitchen remodel or fresh coat of interior paint can really freshen up your home’s look and feel. But before you start that next big project, there are some important considerations around how it could potentially impact your air conditioning system’s maintenance requirements. At Bassett Services, we always advise taking some simple precautions.

    Construction Dust

    Any sort of demolition work that kicks up drywall dust, sawdust, insulation particles and other debris can wreak havoc on your HVAC system if not properly contained. Those tiny particulates have a way of migrating through ductwork and settling on critical AC components like coils and blowers.

    Built-up dust layers act as insulation, preventing proper heat transfer and airflow which drastically reduces cooling efficiency. It also forces your system to work harder, leading to increased tears and premature breakdowns. Ensuring optimal dust protection prevents those maintenance headaches.

    Paint Fumes

    While new interior paint can revive any room, the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from oil-based paints and finishes could potentially corrode your AC unit’s heat exchanger coils over time. Exposure to excessive paint fumes should be avoided until they’ve had sufficient time to properly cure and dissipate from the air supply.

    Fume Leaks

    If you’re converting rooms, and cutting new openings and pathways, it creates opportunities for infiltration from exterior exhaust sources. Things like gas furnace flue leaks, radon seepage or airborne chemicals like paint thinners can contaminate the HVAC air supply if not properly sealed off. Consulting your Bassett tech beforehand minimizes health risks.

    Even something as simple as unintentionally blocking off return vents with furniture and storage during renovations impacts system airflow. Catching and correcting those obstructions prevents inefficient cooling and excess strain.

    The bottom line is that any significant home changes that might affect your AC system should be considered carefully and handled with appropriate precautions. A quick chat with your Bassett Service tech can provide helpful tips to protect your equipment from construction contaminants and leaks. A little prevention goes a long way toward reducing maintenance calls and extending service life!

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    Your Partner for Lasting Cooling Confidence

    Whether your air conditioner is a brand new installation or an older faithful workhorse, Bassett Services has you covered for all the routine maintenance needed to maximize its potential. After more than four decades serving the Granville community, we know what it takes to keep home cooling systems running reliably and efficiently summer after summer.

    From our comprehensive multi-point inspections and thorough coil cleanings to precision airflow calibrations and electrical testing, no stone goes unturned during our AC tune-ups. Our certified technicians have seen it all and know where potential issues could be brewing. We’ll fix any small problems before they snowball into something bigger.

    But preventing breakdowns is only one part of the equation. Bassett’s preventative maintenance plans with customized service intervals ultimately help extend your air conditioner’s overall service life too. With our expert care, you can count on squeezing every last year out of your investment before a replacement is required.

    Annual tune-ups catch issues early and keep minor repair costs manageable. They restore lost cooling power to reduce utility bills. And they create a safer, longer-lasting system for your family’s comfort. It’s easy math – the small investment in preventative maintenance saves you thousands down the line!

    This summer, don’t resign yourself to needlessly fanning, air conditioner inefficiencies, or worse yet – a total cooling catastrophe. Call the respected pros at Bassett Services for your AC tune-up at (317) 360-0054 or schedule online today. After all, an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure!

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