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There’s nothing quite like the relief of an air-conditioned home when summer temperatures start soaring. But if your outdated AC system struggles to keep up or finally breaks down for good, that refreshing comfort can quickly turn into a sweltering nightmare. When it’s time to make the investment in a new cooling setup, trust the team that Granville has relied on for over 40 years – Bassett Services.

As a family-owned business with deep roots in the community, we understand how unbearable it can be to go without proper cooling, especially in the peak of summer. That’s why we make air conditioning installations our top priority from the moment you call. We’ll have one of our friendly scheduling experts find the next available appointment time that works for you, getting the ball rolling quickly.

Then it’s go-time for our certified HVAC installation crew. These highly trained techs arrive prepared to make your AC upgrade process seamless and stress-free from start to finish. Using their expertise to properly size and select the ideal system for your home’s needs, you can feel confident knowing your comfort is in very capable hands.

Whether you need to replace an aging workhorse unit or are installing cooling for a new construction or addition, Bassett takes immense pride in every installation job we do. We follow best practices and all manufacturer specifications to the letter. This attention to detail ensures maximum energy efficiency, reliable performance, and many years of sustainable cooling you can count on.

But we don’t just install and move onto the next job. Our technicians will take the time to thoroughly explain how to operate your new system, answer any questions, and share maintenance tips. Because your long-term satisfaction is just as important as our workmanship.

From affordable air handlers to ultra-efficient variable capacity setups and everything in between, we install it all. Don’t get left sweating through another scorching Granville summer. Call Bassett Services at (317) 360-0054 today to experience cooling perfection!

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    The Bassett Services AC Installation Experience

    When it comes to installing a new air conditioning system for your home, you want things done right the first time. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you call on Bassett Services. We’ve fine-tuned our installation process over four decades to ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

    Consultation and Planning

    Our friendly staff starts by consulting with you about your cooling needs and budget. We take precise room measurements and factor in insulation levels to properly calculate the right size system for maximum efficiency and air distribution. From there, we’ll guide you through the latest options, discussing features to find the ideal make and model.

    Scheduling and Preparation

    Once your new AC is selected, we coordinate scheduling the installation around your availability. On the big day, one of our certified HVAC installation teams arrives at your door fully equipped and ready to provide top-notch service. They’ll carefully run new refrigerant lines while removing your old indoor and outdoor units.

    Installation and Setup

    With the proper structural modifications made, your new system components are expertly installed following all manufacturer specifications and local building codes. We take extensive measurements and make the required calculation adjustments to ensure your refrigerant levels are properly charged for peak performance right out of the gate.

    System Testing and Quality Assurance

    Our installers then complete a full operational systems check, carefully inspecting every electrical connection, ductwork fitting, and cooling output. We never leave things to chance – any issues are immediately corrected before the job is completed. You can expect us to clean up and haul away the old equipment too.

    Customer Education and Support

    But we’re not done yet! One of our lead techs will then take the time to thoroughly explain operating instructions, hand off all warranty paperwork, and share simple maintenance tips to protect your investment. We remain on-site until you have a complete understanding and all your questions are answered.

    From safe refrigerant practices to electrical know-how, you can feel confident the job was done with precision by Bassett’s highly-trained professional install crew. That’s why we back their work with a solid satisfaction guarantee. After all, your long-term cooling comfort is what really matters!

    Types of Air Conditioning Systems

    When it comes to home cooling, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Luckily, today’s market offers a wide variety of air conditioning system types to meet any residential need or budget. Here’s a closer look at some popular options Bassett Services frequently installs and services.

    Central Air Conditioning

    These traditional forced-air systems remain the most common for whole-home cooling. They consist of an outdoor metal condensing unit that houses the compressor, condenser coils, and a fan. This component works in tandem with the indoor evaporator coil mounted in the air handler to circulate refrigerant. The air handler contains a blower fan that distributes the cooled air through a network of ducts running to each room.

    Ductless Mini-Split Systems

    Ideal for homes without existing ductwork or additions where extending ductwork isn’t feasible. Mini-splits have an outdoor compressor that connects directly to indoor air handlers through a small conduit rather than ducts. Each indoor unit disperses air directly into its room or zone with individualized temperature control via remote. Greater energy efficiency and no air loss through ductwork.

    Window Air Conditioners

    These compact, self-contained units fit securely inside a window or through wall openings. Within the single enclosure are all components like compressors and coils needed to cool and dehumidify air before dispersing it inside. Window ACs provide economical spot cooling for smaller spaces like apartments, additions, or individual rooms without whole-home climate control needs.

    Geothermal Heating & Cooling

    Rather than using outdoor air, geothermal systems take advantage of the earth’s stable underground temperatures to heat and cool homes. A series of buried loop pipes circulate water or refrigerant to absorb heat in winter for warming or remove heat in summer for cooling. Incredibly energy-efficient since no fossil fuels are burned, only relying on electricity to power components like the compressor and fan.

    Package Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs)

    Commonly found in hotels, apartments, sunrooms and other residential applications, these self-contained units house all cooling components in one enclosure for through-wall installation. PTACs have an outdoor section with compressor and condenser coils while the indoor side contains the air handling portion with blower and controls for individual room temperature management.

    With such a wide array of air conditioning types and configurations available today, there’s bound to be an ideal cooling solution to meet your home’s specific needs and budget. Bassett’s certified HVAC experts can explain all the options in detail and recommend the ideal system for maximum energy efficiency, reliable performance, and year-round comfort.

    Are There Permits Required for AC Installation in Ohio?

    When investing in a new air conditioning system installation for your Granville area home, you’ll likely have lots of questions around the process. One important consideration is whether the job requires any special permits from your local municipality. The short answer is yes, proper permitting is required by Ohio state law for all permanent HVAC system installations and replacements.

    Building permits provide a system of accountability, ensuring installations meet all current residential code requirements for safety and energy efficiency. Your town’s building department will review the installation plans and conduct an inspection once the job is complete before giving approval to operate the new equipment.

    Permits are legally required whether you’re installing a whole new central air conditioning system, replacing just the outdoor condenser, or switching to a ductless mini-split setup. The permitting process covers all aspects of the HVAC installation work being performed.

    As a fully licensed, bonded and insured HVAC contractor, Bassett Services takes care of securing all necessary permits for installations in the Granville area as part of our service. We’ll submit the paperwork, schedule inspections around the job timeline, and ensure everything is fully approved by your town’s code officials.

    Our philosophy is that cutting corners through permit avoidance may save a few bucks upfront, but puts customers at major risk down the road. You could face fines, obligatory system removal, or even home insurance claim troubles if unpermitted work is discovered. Not worth it!

    When you choose Bassett for your new AC installation, you can feel confident the entire job is being handled with utmost professionalism, full transparency and complete code compliance. We want you enjoying your cooling comfort safely for many years ahead!

    Can Central AC Be Installed in a Home With No Ductwork?

    While central air conditioning systems are typically designed to work in tandem with a home’s ductwork for distributing conditioned air, it is possible to install central AC in a ductless home. However, it requires more extensive modifications and can be quite costly compared to other cooling options.

    The biggest challenge is creating a way to circulate the cooled air from the indoor air handling unit throughout your home’s living spaces without existing ductwork. Bassett’s skilled installers can retrofit homes by strategically installing ducts into chases, ceilings, or even opening up drywall if necessary.

    This invasive ductwork installation process tends to be very labor intensive and disruptive as it often impacts multiple rooms. Even for open floor plans, sufficient space must be available for properly sizing and laying out the extensive ductwork needed for effective air distribution.

    For many ductless homes, the cost and hassle involved with adding full ductwork can make central AC impractical. That’s why we frequently recommend more affordable cooling alternatives that don’t require major renovation:

    Ductless Mini-Split Systems

    These innovative units allow for easy central air installation without any bulky ductwork required. Ductless mini-splits consist of an outdoor condensing unit connected to multiple indoor air handlers through a small conduit carrying the refrigerant lines.

    Each of the indoor units gets mounted directly onto walls in whichever rooms or zones you need cooled. The systems utilize compact blowers to discreetly circulate the conditioned air for personalized comfort. You’ll enjoy precision temperature control in every room or area via handheld remotes.

    High-Velocity AC

    Can accommodate small flexible ducts! This unique ductless system uses an outdoor condenser matched with a compact air handler and powerful blower that pushes cooled air through 2″ tubing installed along your ceilings. Small vents with integrated blowers quietly circulate the airflow into each living space.

    Window AC Units

    A simple, budget-friendly solution for ductless cooling is installing window or through-wall air conditioners in key rooms. While not a whole-home option, these affordable self-contained units can provide targeted cooling for spaces like additions, sunrooms or apartments.

    Whichever way you go, our certified HVAC installation crew has the expertise to design and install the perfect ductless cooling system for your home’s layout and needs. We’ll make sure you achieve optimal air conditioning performance and efficiency for many years of cool living!

    Does Installing a Larger AC Mean Faster Cooling?

    When dealing with sweltering summer temperatures, it’s only natural to think that installing an air conditioner with a larger cooling capacity will mean faster relief. The assumption is that bigger has to be better, right? Not so fast! Sizing an AC system is about much more than just going large.

    Contrary to what you might expect, an oversized air conditioning unit actually leads to inefficient cooling performance and other frustrating issues down the road. The extra cooling power doesn’t translate to getting your home’s temperature down quicker. Instead, it causes the system to cycle on and off more frequently in an attempt to satisfy the thermostat setting.

    This repeated starting and stopping prevents your AC from running long enough to adequately dehumidify the air. So while temps may drop rapidly at first, your home still feels clammy and muggy. The excess moisture can lead to mold risks too. Not exactly the refreshing comfort you want!

    Excessive short cycling also puts extra strain on the compressor, causing it to work harder while consuming more energy in the process. You end up with skyrocketing utility costs and potentially shortened equipment lifespan from all that wear and tear.

    The proper way to size an AC system is by making a precise calculation of your home’s square footage, insulation levels, window efficiency, and other factors that impact cooling needs. This load calculation analysis ensures your new unit has just the right BTUs to run cyclically while sufficiently cooling and dehumidifying every square inch of living space. It’s equal parts science and art.

    At Bassett, our certified HVAC installation crew has the experience and training to get those load calculations exactly right. We’ll make sure you receive an optimally sized air conditioner that lasts longer, runs more efficiently, and achieves maximum comfort – not one that’s just way too much (or too little). Trust the experts for proven sizing results!

    Is It Necessary to Have a Water Drainage System for My AC?

    When discussing new air conditioning installation, you may have heard about the need for some type of water drainage setup. This might seem a bit puzzling at first – how can an AC system that’s meant for cooling produce excess water? Here’s why proper drainage is so essential.

    As your air conditioner runs, the evaporator coils work to absorb heat and moisture from the indoor air passing across their cool surfaces. This dehumidification process condenses water vapor from the air into actual liquid water. Without a way to expel this moisture, it would simply accumulate within the indoor air handler unit.

    Most central air systems come equipped with a condensate drain pan positioned beneath the coil to catch this runoff water. A PVC drain pipe is then connected from the pan to route the condensation safely outside away from your home’s foundation.

    In areas like Granville where summertime humidity levels can get quite high, the amount of water produced during dehumidification can be substantial. A clogged condensate line or overwhelmed drain pan allows this moisture to back up into your home, creating water damage risks around the air handler.

    Moisture issues aside, that excess water can also enable unhealthy mold and bacteria growth within the HVAC system itself. As those contaminants get circulated through your ductwork, it compromises indoor air quality for your home.

    For these reasons, local building codes mandate that any permanent air conditioning installation in Ohio include an adequate condensate drain line and drain pan that allows for normal water runoff during operation.

    During your AC install, Bassett’s certified team follows best practices to create a properly pitched and terminated drainage system to keep excess moisture safely flowing out while protecting your investment. Don’t risk water woes – make sure drainage is part of the plan!

    Is It Safe to Install an AC Outdoor Unit Under a Deck?

    Looking to maximize outdoor living space for your patio or yard? You might be tempted to tuck your new air conditioner’s outdoor condenser unit under an elevated deck to get it out of the way. While this setup may seem like a convenient space-saving solution, there are some important safety considerations to keep in mind.

    For an air conditioning system to operate properly and efficiently, the outdoor unit requires adequate clearance space for unrestricted airflow. These units pull in large volumes of air through their sides to help expel heat from the condensing coils and refrigerant inside.

    With a deck overhead and the unit nestled up against the home’s exterior, you run a high risk of blocking or redirecting that airflow in an unsafe manner. Recirculating the unit’s hot exhaust air can cause it to overheat and shutdown. Or worse – create a fire hazard from components overheating.

    Proper airflow isn’t the only concern with underdeck AC installations. These units need to be easily accessible for routine maintenance like coil cleanings, fan motor service, and part replacements. Trying to squeeze into tight deck spaces makes these important tasks extremely difficult.

    Building codes and manufacturer guidelines exist for a reason – to ensure safe, reliable operation and prevent accident or injury. Most call for several feet of clearance in every direction away from any structures or potential airflow obstructions.

    While it may require some creative outdoor design work, installing your AC on a home’s gable end, near a corner, or freestanding in the yard provides optimal safety and performance. Don’t let an undersized space put your cooling comfort and home’s well-being at risk!

    If you have an odd setup with limited options, the HVAC installation experts at Bassett can take a look and provide professional recommendations on code-compliant solutions. We’ll make sure to maximize both living space and peace of mind.

    Can AC Installation Affect Indoor Air Quality?

    When it comes to your family’s health and comfort, indoor air quality is just as important as the temperature on the thermostat. You may be surprised to learn that the installation process for a new air conditioning system can have a direct impact, positive or negative, on the air you breathe inside your home.

    On the upside, a proper AC installation by certified professionals like Bassett Services virtually ensures improved air quality right off the bat. We follow strict procedures to minimize dust, debris and airborne particulates that can get circulated through your ductwork during the job.

    Our technicians also take extra care when making connections between the new evaporator coil and existing ductwork. Tiny gaps or loose-fitting joints create opportunities for dust streaks and unfiltered air to seep in each time the system runs. Precision installation eliminates these air quality pitfalls.

    As part of your AC replacement, Bassett will assess ductwork integrity and suggest any needed repairs or upgrades to create an airtight pathway for conditioned air distribution. This also prevents attic air from getting inadvertently sucked in and circulated, carrying odors, insulation fibers or humidity problems.

    We’ll also ensure new high-efficiency air filters are installed to trap airborne particulates right from day one of operation. This basic but crucial component is often overlooked by less experienced crews.

    However, an improperly executed AC installation can introduce air quality threats too. Disturbing surfaces coated in years’ worth of dust buildup, failing to repair ductwork leaks, or crossing ventilation pathways during installation can all circulate particulates and moisture problems quickly.

    By adhering to industry best practices and taking every precaution against contamination, Bassett Services ensures your new cooling system provides fresh, healthy indoor air quality to breathe easy day and night!

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    Cool Comfort Awaits with Bassett

    Whether you’re replacing an aging workhorse unit or installing cooling for a new home construction, the professional AC installation crew at Bassett Services has you covered. For over 40 years, we’ve been Granville’s go-to source for dependable, long-lasting cooling solutions.

    From proper system sizing and product selection to quality workmanship that adheres to all building codes, we’ll ensure your new air conditioner hits the ground running on day one. Our certified technicians take immense pride in every installation job we do.

    But what really sets Bassett apart is our unwavering commitment to your complete satisfaction. We’ll take the time to meticulously check every last detail and educate you on operating the new equipment. Any questions, any concerns – we’re here to put your mind at ease.

    When you work with our family-owned company, you can feel confident your home’s cooling needs are in the most capable and trustworthy hands around. After all, our reputation is on the line with each job!

    This summer, don’t resign yourself to sweltering indoors and fanning yourself to stay comfortable. Install an air conditioning system you can truly rely on for affordable energy efficiency and cooling perfection. Just one call to Bassett Services at (317) 360-0054, and we’ll get your journey to blissful comfort underway!

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