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The HVAC system, a constant presence, often eludes our attention as mere background noise. While it ensures year-round comfort, it’s overlooked until issues arise, notably during Eminence, IN’s weather fluctuations. Heating and AC upkeep take a back seat until problems emerge. When Indiana’s temperature shifts intensify, swift air conditioning repair becomes crucial. At Bassett Services, we provide optimal air conditioning recovery to prevent lasting harm. Reach out to us for repairs, annual maintenance, or new unit installation. We operate in Eminence, and the surrounding areas, such as Fillmore, Lizton, and Danville.

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    Air Conditioning Repair in Eminence, IN

    When seeking AC repair in Eminence, IN, Bassett Services is your reliable choice. Our proficient technicians possess the necessary expertise and experience for such technical tasks. With our 24/7 emergency service, we promptly dispatch assistance to initiate repairs.

    During sweltering Indiana summers, while awaiting AC repair, safeguard against overheating by hydrating, showering, and seeking shade. While we work swiftly, take precautions to remain comfortable. Our experienced HVAC technicians will soon address your needs.Should your AC encounter issues like coolant leaks, warm air, or failure to start, our specialists will diagnose problems before replacement becomes necessary. Contact us today to arrange air conditioning repair when your central air or mini-split fails to meet cooling demands.

    Air Conditioning Repairs & Installations

    When your AC system fails, it can disrupt your peace and comfort. Our team of skilled technicians swiftly responds to your call, diagnosing the issue accurately.

    Once we identify the problem, we inform you about the necessary repairs and the associated costs.

    We aim to fix issues as quickly as possible. If a new installation is needed, we guide you through the process, recommending the best systems to suit your needs, home size, and budget.

    Our technicians then carry out the installation with professionalism and precision. This ensures your new HVAC system runs optimally for maximum comfort.

    Smart Thermostat Services

    We believe in the power of technology to enhance comfort and convenience. Our smart thermostat services help you take control of your home’s temperature with ease, whether you’re at home or on the go.

    We help install and configure smart thermostats, guiding you on how to use them for maximum energy efficiency and comfort.

    Air Conditioning Replacements

    When your air conditioner reaches the end of its lifespan, we can provide seamless and hassle-free replacement services.

    Our experts provide unbiased advice on the best energy-efficient models, considering factors such as your home’s size, your budget, and your cooling needs. We then perform the installation, ensuring everything is set up for optimal performance.

    Indoor Air Quality Services & Air Ducts

    When your air conditioner reaches the end of its lifespan, we can provide seamless and hassle-free replacement services.

    Our experts provide unbiased advice on the best energy-efficient models, considering factors such as your home’s size, your budget, and your cooling needs. We then perform the installation, ensuring everything is set up for optimal performance.

    Why Choose
    Bassett Service

    Today’s heating/cooling systems are more efficient and use more sophisticated digital controllers for their operations. Proper installation and maintenance is important and having the right technicians and service people to ensure proper operations is critical. Bassett Services has a special process for selecting individuals who can perform the technical functions that are required to service the equipment we sell and, most importantly, interface with our customers on a very professional level!

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    Our Most Recent Reviews

    Warren was a joy to have in our home, he helped our elderly dog in and out of the house in addition to his job duties. Please thank Warren for us and we would like to thank you for having such pleasant, courteous and professional technicians.

    – Scott Conatser

    CJ is a great asset to the Bassett team. His professionalism and skills are first rate.

    – Michael Callahan

    Warren did a great job. He reeled the hose back in and left things very neat. He even pulled my empty trash can back to the garage.

    – Lisa Ward

    Air Conditioning Maintenance in Eminence, IN

    When did you last change your AC unit’s air filter? To eliminate the need for costly cooling system repairs, rely on Bassett Services for annual maintenance on central or split AC units.

    At Bassett Services, we recommend having your AC system professionally serviced annually. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance and helps prevent potential issues. In case you’re wondering, our standard AC maintenance involves tasks like cleaning or replacing air filters, inspecting and cleaning coils, checking refrigerant levels, lubricating moving parts, and ensuring overall system efficiency.

    While you can handle some tasks like changing filters, it’s advisable to have a professional HVAC technician conduct comprehensive maintenance. They have the expertise to identify hidden issues and ensure proper system performance.


    Finally, AC maintenance is crucial even if your AC unit is running just fine. That’s because it helps prevent potential breakdowns, maintains energy efficiency, and extends the lifespan of your system by addressing minor issues before they become major problems.

    Extend the Lifespan of your AC System: A Few Tips for Your Yearly AC Maintenance

    Extending the lifespan of your AC system hinges on diligent yearly maintenance. Expert tips can make a significant difference in the longevity and efficiency of your cooling system. Firstly, keep a consistent schedule for professional maintenance. An annual inspection by skilled technicians helps identify potential issues before they escalate into costly problems.

    Secondly, prioritize the cleanliness of your system. Regularly clean or replace air filters to ensure proper airflow and prevent strain on the system. Clean the evaporator and condenser coils to maintain optimal heat exchange efficiency. Regularly check and clean the condensate drain to prevent blockages that could lead to water damage.

    Thirdly, pay attention to the thermostat settings. Avoid setting the thermostat too low, as this strains the system and leads to increased wear and tear. Lastly, ensure the surrounding area of the outdoor unit is clear of debris, vegetation, and obstructions to facilitate proper airflow.

    By adhering to these expert tips for yearly cooling system maintenance, you can enjoy a prolonged AC lifespan, improved energy efficiency, and reduced chances of sudden breakdowns.

    Air Quality Services in Eminence, IN

    Numerous homeowners wrongly assume that the air indoors is pure, neglecting hidden irritants and allergens. Address this by consulting an HVAC expert from Bassett Services. Alongside routine heater and AC maintenance, consider advanced filtration options for cleaner, healthier indoor air for your family’s well-being.

    Strange AC Odors? Identifying and Resolving Indoor Air Quality Issues

    Unusual odors emanating from your AC system can signal underlying indoor air quality problems. Mold or mildew growth within the unit or ducts can cause musty smells, while a burning odor might indicate electrical issues. Addressing these concerns is vital for both comfort and health.

    To resolve odors and enhance indoor air quality, start by ensuring proper ventilation and changing/cleaning air filters regularly. Have your AC system inspected by professionals to identify and eliminate mold or debris buildup. Regular maintenance, thorough cleaning, and addressing issues promptly will not only restore pleasant indoor air but also ensure a healthier living environment.

    Dependable Air Conditioning Repair Technicians for Your Home or Business in Eminence, IN

    For dependable air conditioning repair services in Eminence, IN, look no further. Our skilled technicians at Bassett Services possess the expertise to swiftly diagnose and rectify AC issues, ensuring your comfort at home or smooth operations for your business. Whether it’s a residential or commercial setting, our team is equipped to handle a wide range of repair needs. With a commitment to prompt and efficient service, we prioritize your satisfaction. Experience peace of mind knowing that your cooling systems are in capable hands, delivering reliable solutions for a comfortable environment year-round.

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