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Karl Wagner
Karl Wagner 5.0
Norman Leong
Norman Leong 5.0
Leland Owens
Leland Owens 5.0
Randolph Cox
Randolph Cox 5.0

Always satisfied with Bassett.

Susan Nolan
Susan Nolan 5.0

Great job explaining everything. Very professional. I was very pleased.

Donna Moore
Donna Moore 5.0

6 Month check up Very pleased with the service. Thank you

Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson 2.0

Called original installer to replace the start capacitor ($20-$30 part)on my AC and check unit ,but they had been bought out by Bassett. Technician was friendly and said yes I needed a new capacitor but I had a dual starter system that needed both ...replaced but only had 1 on the truck and the other would have to be ordered,I was shocked at the $510 quote for this easy and quick quick job ,I was expecting something between $200-$300. Then the sales pitch started ,system is old,we can apply the service charge to a new unit, a 13 seer unit would be best for my house (lowest seer legally allowed to be installed,going to 14 next year),then a $8000 quote,I stupidly agreed before getting another quote. Everything was done on a tablet so I asked to be emailed a breakdown of repair and details of new installation but received nothing. After checking with neighbors and what they had recently paid, I canceled the install and asked for a detailed invoice on the repair and asked for a call about replacing the 2nd capacitor,Got the full bill without a breakdown and repair has not been completed.Read More...

tammy heath
tammy heath 5.0
Lindsay Williams
Lindsay Williams 5.0
Judy Alvarez
Judy Alvarez 5.0

Very polite and honest 🙂

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