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Bassett Watchdog Home Coverage Club

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$18 Per Month Will Get You:

Bassett Services membership great value
  • 20% Savings On HVAC Service
  • 10% Savings on Plumbing Service
  • 10% Savings on Electrical Service
  • 2 Annual HVAC Maintenance Services
  • 1 Annual Plumbing Maintenance Service
  • 1 Annual Electrical Maintenance Service
  • No Trip or Diagnostic Fees
  • No Overtime Charges
  • Summer/Winter No-Breakdown Guarantee
  • And MUCH More!!

Also Included In The Watchdog Home Coverage Club

HVAC Maintenance

  • Burners pulled and cleaned
  • Flame sensor pulled and cleaned
  • Filter checked/cleaned
  • Temp difference checked
  • General condition of unit
  • Condensate cleaned
  • Motor Amps checked
  • Capacitors checked
  • Batteries in Thermostat changed
  • Flue piping inspected
  • Heat exchanger inspected
  • Blower cleaned if needed
  • Gas pressure checked
  • Ignitor checked
  • Heating elements tested

Cooling Maintenance

  • Condenser coil cleaned
  • Evaporator coil cleaned
  • Filters checked/changed
  • Superheat/Subcooling checked
  • Compressor checked
  • Condenser motor starter checked
  • Blower motor checked
  • All electrical checked
  • Condenser fan motor checked
  • Temperature difference checked
  • Thermostat checked
  • Drain lines checked/cleaned
  • Refrigerant pressure checked
  • Overall condition of unit

Plumbing Maintenance

  • Testing all valves in the home to make sure they are operational and there are no leaks.
  • Locating and checking main water valve and show homeowner where it is located.
  • Checking all drains for leaks. Quite often, there is a leak which over time can cause a lot of damage.
  • Checking washing machine hoses, as they are a big source of water leaks in the home and should have stainless braided hoses.
  • Inspecting toilet components and change standard flapper(s) in up to two toilets as needed.
  • Checking for leaks and do a dye test on toilets when requested.
  • Power flushing the water heater to get all particles out.
  • Checking the age of water heater and condition.
  • Checking garbage disposal for proper operation and check for leaks.
  • Checking the home’s water quality if requested.

Tankless Water Maintenance

  • Descale, Cleaning and Service of all filters
  • Perform all manufacturer recommended maintenance
  • Call for tankless water heater maintenance pricing

Electric Maintenance

  • Testing all GFI receptacles and arc fault circuits both inside and outside the home
  • Testing all smoke detectors and changing all batteries
  • Checking all connections inside the electrical panel ensuring everything is safe and up to code
  • Making sure the appropriate breakers are present and wiring size and manufacturer match and meet code regulations
  • Testing main electrical panel outside for safety
  • Locating main electrical breaker and show homeowner location in case of emergency 
  • Testing and inspection of all switches

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