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A male technician writes notes on his clipboard as he examines a residential water heater in Camby, IN.

Quality Water Heater Services in Camby, IN

Do you own a home in the Camby, IN area? If so, Bassett Services is the reputable local business you can rely on for professional guidance and top-quality service anytime you have issues with your water heater, whether it is a tank-style or tankless model. For water heaters of all brands and sizes, our technicians handle everything from routine maintenance and repairs to brand-new installations. Over the course of nearly 40 years of service, we have established a reputation for success. As a result, the Better Business Bureau awarded us an A+ accreditation, suggesting us as a reliable business that provides superior results and excellent customer service. With our fully equipped trucks, we are prepared and willing to provide same-day service. If an urgent situation arises, we also provide 24/7 emergency service. In order to assist you in choosing the best service and appliance for your home, we will always thoroughly explain all of your options. Your satisfaction with our company is guaranteed.

Water Heater Maintenance in Camby, IN

As a homeowner, you are constantly thinking about the functionality of your home because you understand that it is your responsibility to make sure it continues to keep you and your family safe and comfortable. Fortunately, there are experts in your region whose job is to assume that job on your behalf and provide you with professional services to take the best possible care of your home. At Bassett Services, we are aware of how much your family relies on your water heater, particularly during the winter months. We recommend scheduling a yearly check with one of our experienced specialists in Camby, IN, so we can carry out any required maintenance tasks. By identifying possible issues and addressing them before they worsen, routine inspections can help you save money over time. Additionally, you’ll ensure that you have enough hot water for your needs and reduce the danger of system failure. Call us at (317) 647-4965 to set up your next visit. Our professionals are always available to ensure your unit is functioning properly.

Water Heater Repair in Camby, IN

Try not to worry about your current water heater if you discover any cause for concern. When you rely on Bassett Services in Camby, IN, you will always have a professional on your side. Allow our experts to inspect your appliance and identify the root of the issue so we can apply the best fix. You can be confident that your water heater will always be in good hands with our professional specialists because we have years of experience fixing every make and model. To arrange an appointment whenever you believe your home might require our water heater repair services, all you have to do is give us a call or complete our online form. Make sure to report any warning indicators you may have come across, such as excessively hot or cold water, leaks, unpleasant odors, or discolored water caused by rust. In order to offer you same-day service, our vehicles are always fully stocked. Our professionals will provide you with quality assistance while repairing your water heater, whether you require our 24/7 emergency services or simple repairs.

A residential gas water heater next to a furnace and humidifier in the basement of a residential home in Camby, IN.

Water Heater Installation in Camby, IN

When a new water heater needs to be installed in your house, you’ll want the highest-quality work done by experienced specialists with superior skills. Consult our professionals at Bassett Services in Camby, IN, today. You only need to pick the service and unit that is best for your home. If you’re unsure about your options, our expert advice and decades of expertise can help you as well. We would be happy to go through all of the selections we offer with you so you can select the best type and size unit for your family’s hot water requirements. If you compare the costs of both conventional tank and tankless water heaters, the differences may be significant, so just let us know if cost is a factor and we will be considerate of your budget. Utilize our knowledge, and we’ll make sure you have the best product at the best price, and installed by the best in the industry. You can trust Bassett Services to install your water heater quickly and correctly because we put your satisfaction first.

Tankless Water Heaters in Camby, IN

Do you intend to put a tankless water heater in your residence? Depending on how much hot water your family uses, it can be beneficial to consider upgrading from the conventional tank option. Your home will have more space, and your monthly energy costs will go down. Tankless water heaters heat your water only when it is needed, as opposed to conventional tanks that store large volumes of water at a time. If you choose a tankless water heater, you’ll need knowledgeable experts on your side who can maintain and fix the appliance. Fortunately, Bassett Services in Camby, IN, can service and repair any brand of water heater and is available for all your needs. Our knowledgeable technicians have all the skills, expertise, and equipment necessary to effectively fix any tankless water heater issue. Call our staff as soon as you detect any warning signs with your unit, such as water that is either too hot or too cold, bad odors, leaks, or mineral buildup, and we’ll provide you with the top-quality service you deserve.

A tankless water heater mounted to the wall of a residence in Camby, IN.

Benefits of Water Heater Services with our Professionals in Camby, IN

When you let Bassett Services handle your water heater needs, your house is always in capable hands. We can service anything with our expertise in maintenance, repairs, and installations, regardless of the make, model, or size of your water heater. Feel free to contact our team by phone or online if you have any questions or need extra services for your home; we will be happy to help. Working with our team of experts has several advantages. Let us show you all the benefits that come with hiring our technicians when we work with you in person.

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